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It’s July and it’s already time for back-to-school shopping. Supplies to organize paper are usually at the top of the list.

Regardless of whether you’re a parent, teacher, or student, keeping school papers organized is tough. Most families use a kitchen counter or table that’s dedicated to the piling and sorting of paper. In addition to your own papers, if you have school-aged kids, you have their daily paperwork too.

Creating mounds of unorganized piles means you’re bound to lose or throw away important papers.

Think about it from a student’s point of view. Each day she has to navigate the endless cycle of getting more papers from school, fitting them in the right place, and trying to locate them later. Stressed out and unorganized is not the best way to start the school year.

How can you increase your student’s odds of success in the classroom?

Selecting an ideal classroom paper organization solution is key.


Organizing classroom paperwork

The most important consideration for selecting an organization system for homework and school papers is to find a method that works for your student.

According to Edutopia, an organizational system should make it easy for students and teachers to:

  • Collect and process information
  • Organize the processed results
  • Review the results and take action


How to get organized for school

UniKeep’s fully-enclosed, case-style three-ring binders function as complete storage systems that can be used to organize and protect homework assignments, reports, projects, and classroom notes.

What makes them different from other binders?

These binders snap closed, so contents are protected from getting lost or
damaged from spills and dirt.


See how they work here

Homework assignments, reports, and study guides stay in place inside, and nothing spills out of the sides and gets lost.

Even better, these binders have a clear polypropylene overlay so you can customize your own cover and then easily repurpose it later on.

UniKeep Case Binders Feature:



How Students Use UniKeep Binders

  • Buy one for each subject and keep all class notes, assignments, reports, original stories, poems, and artwork
  • Use them for certificates of achievement and recognition
  • Store programs from school events – concerts, plays, sporting events, recitals
  • Organize ribbons, badges, and club event planning (homecoming, cheerleading, honor society, etc).
  • Use photo sheet protectors for special report samples; insert notes into small pockets to identify drawings, photos, etc.


Add UniKeep sheet protectors, page protectors, tabbed divider pages, and multi-configuration pocketed sheets to any mini or regular-sized UniKeep for a completely customized back-to-school binder.

How teachers use UniKeep Binders

There are lots of ways teachers can use UniKeep Case Binders and accessories.

  • Lesson plans, organizing assignments, and tracking yearly classroom grades and progress
  • Easy filing and storage: use color-coded protector pages to organize classwork by topic, date, subject
  • Purchase for students to keep assignments in one place
  • Use one for grades, another for parent meetings and special assignments; and another to organize your own plans and daily notes.
  • Pocketed tabbed dividers can hold CDs/DVDs and small supplies like sticky notes and stickers.
  • Use UniKeep’s clear protector pages to store and organize bulletin board supplies, schedules, and yearly achievement plans.


How to customize a UniKeep Case Style Binder

Any Unikeep case binder – mini or regular sized – combined with UniKeep sheet protectors, page dividers, and multi-configuration pocketed sheets – can be used to organize and store whatever you collect.

You can customize a UniKeep case binder to function however you need it for your particular collection.

Here’s how.

1. Choose your binder type– regular, mini, or extra capacity

Regular size binder – outside dimensions are 11.75” x 10.5” x 1.5” Also designated as “full size” on

  • Select a binder with poly or metal rings
  • If you want just an enclosed case for storing your items, you can select a ringless option, too.


Mini binders: available in one size: 7”w x 9.43”h x 1.25” d

  • Also designated by A5 binders, compact binders, and small binders on

See how the UniKeep Mini Binder works here


2. Choose the case width size

What spine width you need depends on the type of collectible you have and how much you have to organize.

Regular binder spine sizes: Outside dimensions are 11.75” x 10.5” x 1.5” Also designated as “full size” on

  • .5 spine holds 40-60 sheets of paper
  • 1.0” spine holds 160-190 sheets of paper
  • 1.5” spine holds 260-280 sheets of paper


3. Choose case color and cover

  • Choose black, white, or clear
  • Our case-enclosed binders have a clear overlay so you can design and insert your own cover.


4. Add Accessories

UniKeep accessory items help categorize and store your large and small collectible items. All sheet protectors, divider pages, and binder pockets are made with acid-free, 100% polypropylene. They protect your valuables from dirt and dust that are harmful to most collections.


Organizing and categorizing your classroom paperwork is a lot easier with the right case binder accessories.




5. Finally — Add your stuff and have fun!

We’ve already shown you how UniKeep works for classroom organization and storage. Here are a few more ideas for how to use a UniKeep binder system:

  • Create a quiet time activity book for kids
  • Keep special projects and presentations for work or school organized
  • Organize and store documents for vacations, reunions, weddings
  • Organize and store school photos, artwork, and special assignments
  • Keep a binder for any social or community group you may belong to rotary, book club, school fundraising, etc.
  • Organize and store household, medical, and contractor/repair company info


Ready to get started?

If you have a creative project or hobby, look to UniKeep for an extra creative edge or organization solution. Our binders and products are available in a full line of styles and sizes, for everything from photos, crafts, video games, and recipes to wallets for CDs and DVDs       Call 800-829-8117