Do I have to order online?

No. You can place orders directly with our friendly sales representatives by calling 800-829-8117.

No. The items on our web site are a comprehensive selection of our most popular items. For a full selection, you may request an industry catalog offering our full line of products and custom options in larger volumes.

FUNCTION – UniKeep Case Binders and View Case Binders do all of the things that regular binders do – and they do so MORE! UniKeep binders are fully enclosed so you can keep anything inside – even small items like pens and clips. And our binders are durable and archival safe so what you put inside is always protected.

FORM – Our binders are stackable, so they store efficiently no matter where you put them – horizontally or vertically. And our binders always fit your style, whether you choose sleek, colorful or a fully customized cover that you design yourself.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY – Only UniKeep Case Binders and View Case Binders offer a functional document management product that is constructed entirely from polypropylene. This makes our products curbside recyclable in virtually every country in the world. Furthermore, this unique construction require up to 41 percent fewer raw materials to produce.

Archival-safe means that UniKeep products can safely store important documents and photos without producing harmful chemical reactions that can damage the documents. Vinyl and acidic paper products are not archival-safe.

Photographic Activity Tests (PAT) were conducted by an independent laboratory which confirmed that UniKeep binders and their overlays are safe for archival storage.

The sheet capacity varies with the thickness of each sheet, but the following capacities can be used as a reference: 0.5 Case Binder holds 65 sheets, 1.0 holds 165 sheets, and 1.5 holds 270 sheets.

You may also find that your overall storage capacity is significantly greater with UniKeep products since the UniKeep case is more compact than a traditional binder design. For example, a traditional 1.5 inch binder requires 2 inches of linear shelf space to store its capacity, while a UniKeep 1.5 Case Binder requires only 1.5 inches of linear shelf space.

The ONLY difference is that the UniKeep View Case Binder features a full wrap cover overlay for insertion of a customized cover.

Our recommendation is Epson, who manufactures a full line of printers, including entry-level large format printers like the Stylus 1520. Epson also features a full line of paper and ink for their printers which deliver outstanding results and are available at Micro Center and many other computer stores. For details on Epson products, refer to Epson.

You are always welcome to call our customer service representatives at 800-829-8117. They can assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.

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