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Video Game Cases

Video Game Cases

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How To Choose The Right Video Game Case

Why do you need a video game case? It is important that you do everything you can to protect your video games. People also buy video game cases to show off their games. These are the two main reasons to buy game cases, and we will discuss the different types of game casing available in this guide.

It is a reasonably simple process to choose the game case that is right for your video games. You need to get the correct size of video game cases to suit your requirements. Video games cases are available in different sizes and styles so you have a number of different options.

What Type of Video Game Case?

There are different types of video games cases for sale for just about every video game. If your video games are cartridges then you can get a protective case for them. For disk-style video games, there are specific video game cases for sale. You can even purchase retro game cases.

A lot of people like to buy video game case covers as they provide good protection for cardboard and other materials. If your gaming area is in a humid environment, you can find that the boxes for your video games will start to deteriorate quickly. Having the right game case will prevent this from happening.

Game Cases for Storing Cartridges

If you have video games in cartridge format then you need to protect them as much as possible. The cartridges can fail if they are exposed to dirt and dust and moisture is definitely not good for them. The Nintendo Switch is a very popular gaming console these days and the game cartridges for this are of a specific size.

You can get a video game storage case for Nintendo Switch cartridges and for other game cards such as those for the Nintendo DS, 2DS, and 3DS. Usually, these game cases will have plastic sleeves with inserts where you can place individual cartridges.

These cases make a lot of sense if you travel around with your video games a lot. You can just zip up the game case and then carry the case easily. They tend to be made from sturdy materials that will protect your video game cartridges if the case gets thrown around a bit.

Cartridge game holders will hold a different number of video games. You can get smaller cases that will hold around 20 cartridges and larger cases that can hold as many as a hundred. There are cases that will hold game cartridges as well as micro-SD cards and even game consoles and controllers.

If you are in the market for a multiple video game cartridge holder, we recommend that you pay particular attention to the materials used to make the case. Some of the highest quality multi-cartridge holder cases are made from a hard-shell material which provides the very best protection. There are cartridge holders that have a “zip up” design and even those with magnetic locks.

You usually have the choice of multi-cartridge video game holders that have plastic sleeves inside or those that have specially made inserts. The cases with the special inserts (usually made from soft silicone) will be a perfect fit for your cartridges. These types of cases are generally more expensive than those that have plastic sleeves with inserts.

Often you will find that there will be a choice of colors and styles with multi-cartridge video game holder cases. The most important thing here is that you choose the right multi-cartridge holder case for the video games that you have. If you have different cartridges for different systems then you are going to need more than one case.

We would never recommend that you try to store video game cartridges that are not the right size for the case. You want to fully protect your game cartridges so the best way to do this is to use a holder case that was specifically designed for the cartridges that you have.

If you have some of the older style video game cartridges then you are going to need special retro game cases for these. This is because the older-style game cartridges tend to be larger than the modern ones. We will discuss retro game cases a little later in this guide.

Video Game Console Cases

Do you want a game case for your console? These are available for popular game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation, the Microsoft Xbox, and others. Some of these video game console cases are sophisticated and include a monitor and speakers so that you can play video games from within the case.

There will be a space for your gaming console as well as 2 to 3 controllers and even some video games in their cases. Monitors included with these special cases usually have 1080p resolution and even higher.

The most important thing to check with these game console cases is that they will store and protect your game console. A number of these cases claim to be waterproof (we do not recommend that you test this) and made of sturdy materials that can withstand some abuse.

Be careful when choosing video game console cases to ensure that they are perfect for your gaming console. You need to be aware that a case designed to store the PlayStation 4 is not going to be the right solution for a PlayStation 2, 3, or 5. There are multi-purpose cases that will store different types of consoles as well.

The Video Game Box Cover

If you want to protect individual video game boxes then there are special covers available for this. These usually come with tabs that lock at the top and bottom of the cover. This is good for protecting your video games in their original boxes.

Video games that are in DVD-style boxes will be pretty easy to get covers for. Games for the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii that are essentially disks will be easy to protect. Look for video game box covers that have a clear spine, so that you will be able to see the title of the games if you stack them on a shelf for instance.

The best covers for video game boxes will have a protective film on them which will prevent scratching of the plastic cover. A number of these boxes are totally recyclable which is good for the environment.

Your video games will be worth more if you protect the original boxes that they came in. They make handling your video games safer and you can stack your games together without worrying about damaging any of the boxes.

Video games in boxes look really good in these protective covers. They tend to be very shiny and will showcase your game collection perfectly. If you want to keep your video game boxes in mint condition then these covers are a very good choice.

It is possible to get video game box covers for the older style cartridge games as well. There are covers available for popular video games such as SNES and NES. Sometimes it is possible to obtain covers for larger boxes that are not of a standard size as well.

You can even get protector covers for the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. Usually, you will purchase these box protectors in units often. It normally works out that the more covers you buy, the more money you will save per item.

Storage Racks, Boxes, Cases, and Bags for Video Games

There are also special storage racks and boxes that you can purchase for your video games. For DVD-style boxes, there are a lot of choices. These racks and boxes will hold a number of video game boxes and with most of them, you will be able to see the game titles which makes for easier selection.

If you intend to travel around with your video games then you can buy special storage bags that will accommodate video game boxes. Again, you will see a number of these available for video games that are on disk.

The bags are made from heavy-duty plastic and often have a zipper to close the bag. They are available in a transparent format which means that you will clearly be able to see all of the titles that you are carrying around with you. Usually, these bags will also have a convenient carrying handle.

For video games that are on disk, you can get a special storage case that will hold a number of them. The best cases have individual plastic sleeves that are designed to hold one or two disks and the booklets that come with the games.

Some of these cases have alternate sleeves which means that you can divide your video game disks into different categories. As you can hold as many as 190 video games in one case, dividing them into categories will help you to find the game that you want faster.

Retro Video Game Cases

There are video game cases available for retro games. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to find a case for every retro game, but you should be able to get a case for the vast majority. Retro video games can increase in value the longer that you keep them and it pays to take care of the original packaging.

Final Words

Our aim with this guide was to show you that there are a number of choices available when it comes to protecting your video games. You can protect your video gaming console and the controllers as well with special cases. Make sure that you choose the right video game case as this will provide the ultimate protection and enable you to showcase your games.