Fully Enclosed Case
Protects, Stacks & Stores


Durable Poly or Metal
Rings Snap Securely


Full Wrap Overlay
Insert or Custom Printing

Home Management
Recipe Binder
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Business Tips

Get down to business with UniKeep.

UniKeep and your business go hand in hand. With a full line of unique storage and organizational products, UniKeep is your solution for storing, presenting, and organizing business materials. From durable, easily stackable 3-ring binders for storing important documents to polished, professional presentation binders for showing off your sales materials, UniKeep has something for you.

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Home Tips

Everything in its place.

Unikeep offers organizational products in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for keeping your home in order. Whether you bring your work home with you and want help keeping it in its place, or simply want a better way to manage the piles of coupon clippings, monthly bills, and paper records, UniKeep helps you organize with style.

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Tips For Designers

Get the look you want with UniKeep.

UniKeep offers more opportunities for customization than any other binder, which means a better chance of making a lasting impression with clients and prospects. Whether you’re a professional designer or just getting started, UniKeep gets the creativity flowing with portfolios, proposals, project management, and much more.

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School Tips

Make the Grade with UniKeep.

UniKeep helps students and teachers alike stay successful in the classroom with a full line of products for easy, effective organization.

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Tips for Organizers

Organize your life with UniKeep.

At one point or another, everything needs to be organized. Whether its your home office, kitchen, closet, or bedroom, your space has a way of attracting paper clutter and other odds-and-ends. In order to have a functional, efficient space, its key to have an organizational system that’s fun and easy to use, and UniKeep has the right tools for the job.

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Tips for Crafts and Hobbies

Let your creativity run wild – not the mess.

For the home hobbyist, an organized workspace is a happy workspace. Whether you sew, scrapbook, paint, bead, or collect, it’s important to be able to quickly find the supplies you need. A simple, affordable organization system will help make you a more efficient crafter, allowing you to complete high-quality projects sooner instead of searching for supplies. UniKeep has what it takes to fuel your creativity while helping you keep it all together.

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