Here at UniKeep, customization is the process of delivering products and services that are modified to fit our clients’ specific needs. We make the customization process flexible and economical by supporting any quantities you need – from low-volume runs up to mass production quantities.

Many unique product configurations allow end-users to add or change certain features, which helps them readily identify with their core product. This attractive container achieves its purpose through its superior performance and by bringing the brand to life.

Video Demo - decoration options

With digitally printed UniKeep™ Case Binders, your business’s branding will never be boring again.

If your business plans to purchase custom 3 ring binders wholesale, you should know what you can get for your money!

Many vendors offer plain vinyl binders with a single-color silkscreen print — and we can do that, too. While that may be sufficient for the most basic uses, it won’t help your brand stand out when it really matters — at sales presentations, trade shows, and so on.

Only UniKeep combines the convenience of a fully enclosed case binder with a cover surface that’s perfect for gorgeous digital print on-demand.

Whether your order is large or small, we can customize just about everything: your rings, pockets and overlays, unique product housings, and even added compartments. See our infographic, below, for all your binder customization choices.

Binder Customization
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