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posted by: Allison West

Christmas shopping used to be fun and we looked forward to it. Matter of fact, we couldn’t wait. Holiday shopping meant dressing up, driving to a real downtown, and browsing happily through most of the local department stores and small shops. If you only needed a small gift, you could usually find one at the Woolworth’s Five-and-Dime store.If it couldn’t be found downtown, the Sears Holiday Catalog was really the only other option. The day it came in the mailbox was a really big deal. As kids, my two sisters and I would sit on the sofa and mark the pages for the really special toys and clothes we liked (a “wish list” not an “I want this” list). This was as much of a holiday tradition as visiting Santa in his special trailer outside the local Sears’ store parking lot.

Imagine it. Our only choice was to “shop local.” There was no “Black Friday” or all-night shopping. And no one ever lined up for blocks waiting to buy a toy or game.

And we managed just fine.

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!”

A lot has changed over the years. Nowadays, holiday shopping just makes people grumpy. If you dare venture out, you’re faced with dozens more grumpy people racing to find a parking spot at the mall. After they’ve found space some twenty minutes later, they race inside – phone coupons at the ready in clenched, sweaty hands – to stand in line with even grumpier people who’ve become that way by standing in line for two hours just waiting to check out.

Festive? Fun? Forget it. I really miss the nostalgia of holiday shopping.

It’s hard finding a gift that someone really wants, likes and uses. Despite the fact that our global marketplace offers so many more kinds of gifts and ways to shop for them than ever before, we still don’t get it right. After all, how many ties and sweaters do we really need?

More isn’t always better.

Getting Personal

Regardless of how you feel about holiday shopping, it’s important to get the right gift. If you’re stumped think about what your family and friends truly enjoy. There’s sure to be a chef or two, maybe a crafter or a wine aficionado, or a couple of sports fans. Giving a gift that complements a person’s craft or hobby shows you care enough to listen and appreciate.

It shows you really listened to your grandmother’s lengthy explanation on why you should always let your eggs and butter get to room temperature before using them for cookie dough. Or that you appreciated that day you spent two hours with your uncle going through his coin collection.

Holiday Gift Ideas 3 ring binder group

Hobbies and special interests

Collectors and hobbyists have lots of stuff that has to be properly stored and collected. They need some type of storage system that allows easy accessibility so they can make changes and show off their collections.

The UniKeep Gift Binder Collection

The UniKeep Case Binder is fully enclosed, stackable, and made of 100% recyclable material. You can store more stuff in less space and replace your traditional three-ring binders. These binders provide years of archival protection from dirt, dust, and the elements

  • UniKeep Binder Kits come pre-designed with beautiful digitally printed covers and include what you need to get started.
  • If you’d prefer to create your own binder, you can do that too. Just purchase a UniKeep three-ring binder and accessories and you’re set!

Here are a few ideas from UniKeep to get you started.

New! Wallet Sized Binders

These binders are smaller, wallet-size versions of our standard binder.

  • New Currency and Postcard Wallets snap closed for enclosed protection of contents.
  • Size: L 7.5” x W 1” x H 4.75”
  • Clear pocket pages provide archival protection to protect contents from moisture, dust, and dirt
  • 25 crystal-clear protective inserts are included and feature a separate, clear pocket at the bottom of the card or bill for inserting a label or note.

Postcard Collection Wallet

Holiday Gift Ideas Postcard Collection Wallet

Before texting and emailing, people used postcards to keep in touch. This early form of communication is appealing to collectors because antique postcards are beautiful, small works of art. Postcard collections are much-loved and often passed through generations in families.

Currency Collection Wallet

Holiday Gift Ideas Paper Currency

When you collect foreign currency, it’s like exploring the globe without leaving home. Currency collectors have discovered the richness of information that can be obtained by a close inspection of a currency note. A country’s art, politics, language, and people seem to come alive.

Gaming Storage Binder for Nintendo Switch

These cool cases feature “throwback” artwork from the early days of gaming. What makes this enclosed case unique is that it shows all your games in full view, so there’s no more searching for the exact game to play, or fumbling through stacks.

  • The protective case has enough space for 28 game cartridges and 5 micro SD cards.
  • The high-quality foam insert safely and securely holds game cartridges in place.

Trading Cards Binders

Holiday Gift Ideas Trading Cards
Holiday Gift Ideas Sports Card Binders

Trading Card Binders for Baseball * Football * Soccer * Hockey * Basketball

Trading sports cards is like opening the door to memories of particular people, places, and times. These binders keep sports card collections free from dirt and moisture and preserve your collection for years to come.

  • These unique case-style binders snap securely closed so your cards don’t fall out.
  • 10 collector sheet protectors are included that provide archival-quality storage for 180 (front to back) of your treasured cards.
  • Kits for players includes collection-specific inside pages for tracking stats and rosters
  • Additional collector sheet pages can be added for a capacity of up to 500 cards.

Comic Book Binder

Pow! Blam! Zap! Calling all comic book collectors! This binder contains 20 comic book organizing content pages, plus an index log so you can keep track of what you have.

  • Choose from two designs – Explosion and Superhero
  • Special, archival-safe protector pages are sized just right for comics

Concert Ticket Collection Mini Binder

Keeping your concert tickets from your favorite events is a way to make sure you never forget the exciting times you had. Who can’t remember their first concert? Or the first time they saw their favorite singer perform? Throw away those old shoe boxes and try the UniKeep Concert Ticket Stub binder instead.

  • Each page has 4 pockets for concert tickets
  • Size is 7″ x 9″ x ¾”
  • 10 archival-safe ticket pages are included (space for 40 tickets or 80 if front and back)
Holiday Gift Ideas Craft Beer Collection

Food and drink binder kits

Calling all foodies and drink enthusiasts! Whether you’re the master of the grill or homebrew, we’ve got your recipes covered and protected from cooking messes.

  • Kits are customized with binder covers, divider tabs, clear pockets, and page protectors
  • Enclosed, stackable and durable
  • Customized pages guide you through grilling

About UniKeep

If you have a creative project or hobby, look to UniKeep for an extra creative edge or organization solution. Scrapbookers, collectors, designers, and organization gurus need to look no further for project ideas, tools, and inspiration.

Organize, collect and protect your treasures and collections with UniKeep.

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