Introducing our new online customization tool – Design Your Own Binder Cover

create your binder tool. Design your own binder cover

A customized binder can be used to enhance the branding of your business or you can personalize your collections. You can order a single case or save by ordering multiple cases of the same design.

Choose from one of our 5 binder templates. You can customize standard-sized binders with 0.5″, 1.0″, or 1.5″ spines or a compact binder with a 3/4″ or 1-1/4″ spine. – Click on the correct image to get started.

Standard Size Binders:

Large Binder Design Your Own Binder

Standard Size 1/2” Spine

Standard Size 1-1/2” Spine

Standard Size 1” Spine

Compact Size Binders:

Mini Binder Design Your Own Binder

19mm Design Your Own Binder

Mini Size 3/4” Spine

32mm Design Your Own Binder

Mini Size 1-1/4” Spine

Have some fun and personalize your game collection with the Create Your Own Binder tool. Easily follow the simple steps using a cover design we have available, you can add text or other images too. Or start from scratch and get creative. Foam included for PS Vita, Switch, and Game Boy styles. Keep your video games safe and organized with a design you call your own.

Mini Size Video Game Case Binders:

Mini Binder Design Your Own Binder

PS Vita 1/2” Spine

Nintendo Switch 1/2” Spine

Game Boy 1/2” Spine

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