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Product Description

Before texting and emailing, people used postcards to keep in touch. This early form of communication is appealing to collectors because antique postcards are beautiful, small works of art.

Postcard collections are much-loved and often passed through generations in families. Your growing collection deserves the best archival storage, for now, and in the future. The UniKeep Postcard Collector Wallet will store and protect your cards from the damaging effects of the elements for years to come.

The Unikeep wallet is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene that won’t harm your collection. They stack easily on a shelf or a table and don’t take up much space. Archival-quality interior pages offer a protective buffer against damage so you can admire and display your collection time and time again.

  • • Completely enclosed snap-locking exterior - your collection is safe from loss because your cards won’t fall out
  • • 25-page protectors – archival quality for the ultimate protection from moisture and dirt. Maximum insert size 4" x 6"
  • • Full clear overlay wraps from the front to the back of the outer enclosed wallet which enables you to insert and remove the printed cover sheet or include a cover sheet of your own.
  • • Snap-locking rings that won’t pinch, misalign or rust – built to last and easy to use
  • • 100% recyclable and archival-safe storage for your treasured collection (PAT) Photographic Activity Tests have been conducted by an independent laboratory confirming that the materials used to manufacture the EnvyPak™ brand page protectors can safely store important documents and materials without producing harmful reactions that may damage contents.
Outer Dimensions:
L:7.5" x W:1" x H:4.75"
Box Quantity:
1 Clear Wallet with overlay
25 postcards in single pages, double capacity by adding 2 to each pocket. Maximum insert size 4" x 6".
25 removable polypropylene pages for single postcards

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