25 Free Printable Recipe Cards in 2021 | How To Make a DIY Cookbook Using Them

Free Printable Recipe Cards

25 Free Printable Recipe Cards

And how to make a DIY cookbook using them!

Free Printable 3x5 Recipe_Cards

How do you organize your recipes? Maybe you have them on your phone, or stuffed in a drawer somewhere; if you’re like me, you have a stack of old, stained cookbooks with sticky notes inside.

None of these methods are ideal for organizing recipes. Digital can always fail, as phones can die or break with no way to retrieve your files. Unprotected sheets of paper can tear and get lost, and flipping through cookbooks of recipes you’ll never use just to find a single one is a waste of time and energy.

I found that the best way to both condense and protect recipes is with a recipe binder and page protectors. You can rest assured knowing your info will be spill and tear-proof. You’ll never have to skim through recipes you will never use, and you can rearrange pages and dividers exactly how you like them.

We’ve made 25 free printable 3×5 recipe cards to get you started on creating a recipe organization system, meant to be used inside UniKeep Mini Binders with 3×5 pocketed mini page protectors.

There are 25 fun designs to choose from and if you’d like to change the color, simply import the file into an editor and play around with the hue and saturation.

Download the free printable recipe cards here.

How to Get Started with a Mini Recipe Binder

Here’s what you will need to start curating your DIY cookbook.

Free Printable 3x5 Recipe_Cards

Where to Find a Mini 3 Ring Binder

Before you head to Staples or Michael’s for a mini 3 ring binder, have you heard of UniKeep mini binders?

They are perfect for organizing recipes because, unlike traditional binders, they are made of 100% polypropylene, making them easy to wipe clean if any spills or kitchen messes happen.

Pair that with some 3×5 mini page protectors and your recipes are kept completely safe from stains, tears, and other damage.

The 1.5-inch variety of UniKeep mini binders come with clear outer overlays, too, meaning you could customize the cover. You could have one binder for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner, one for appetizers…Whatever you can imagine!

Free Printable 3x5 Recipe_Cards

Looking for a quicker way to store 5×7 recipes?

If you want to store 5×7 recipes, check out the UniKeep Mini Recipe Organizer Kit. It has everything you need in one package:

  • Digitally-printed Recipe Mini 3 Ring Binder
  • 50 matching 5×7 recipe cards
  • 25 5×7 pocketed page protectors
  • 4 tabbed dividers


They come in 2 designs, Red Gingham and Retro.

Enjoy the free printable 3×5 recipe card templates and have fun curating your own cookbooks!

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