How to Throw a Great Party

how to throw a party

Decide on a theme

Who doesn’t love a great party?  We tend to gather together around the holidays, but why wait?  Throwing a great party starts by deciding on a theme.  Is it a costume party or celebrating a life event?  Great parties begin by letting everyone in on the gag, so plan a great theme and you’ll have a great party!


Choose and Invite Your Guests

Awesome parties set the tone early, so giving your guests plenty of time to plan will likely yield a good turnout.  The best party planners suggest inviting people who will add to the party, and make happy people even happier.  They also suggest making sure your attendees are well informed of what they should bring if anything. The important thing is to invite people who will leave a good impression with the other guests, making you look like a hero!  

how to throw a party

Deep Clean Your Party Area

It probably goes without saying that your party space should be clean, well-lit, and inviting.  If the space is in need of attention, consider hiring a professional cleaning service, or deep cleaning the floors.  Party attendees can make a mess, so it might be smart to negotiate a before the party and after-party service if it’s within the budget.  Regardless, making the space shine, especially in the kitchen, will pay big dividends in thank yous and compliments.

how to throw a party

Prepare food & drinks

Will your party be BYOB?  If so, communicate it loudly.  You probably don’t want to be making runs after the party starts.  If your party is supplying the refreshments, make sure to have everything you need like cups, napkins, and party favors.  If your party is being catered, check in with the caterer at least a couple of days before the party to make sure you have everything you need for a fantastic time.

how to throw a party


Decorating is the most fun part of a party!  Think ahead when selecting or ordering your decorations and you’ll probably have better results.  If you’re throwing a birthday party, don’t assume the decorations you want will always be available.  If you’re throwing a graduation party, don’t wait to get your “Congratulations Graduate!” banner until the day before the party.  Expert party planners also recommend involving family members, especially kids, to help you decorate.  Having more people involved may ignite an idea you wouldn’t have thought about.  Some of the best decorations are homemade and will mean more to the honoree than anything you could purchase.

how to throw a party


When you’ve checked all the boxes, it’s time to party!  You’ve thought of the food, RSVPs, and decorations, but have you thought about where everyone will park?  Most of us don’t have twenty car driveways, so if needed the experts recommend to respectfully try and arrange overflow parking with your neighbors just in case.  Is the party indoors or outdoors?  If outdoors in summer, consider supplying bug spray, sunblock, and plenty of ice.


All sound a little intimidating? It’s best to start with a plan. Start with a notebook, the notes app on your phone, or even better, a Party Planning Binder. Using UniKeep’s party planner, you can even print off your own pages at home to make sure you like it. Whatever method you chose to plan your party, using the tips above, we’re sure it’ll be a raging success!