How To Store And Organize Scrapbooking Supplies

scrapbooking supplies

Most people collect something. Old concert tickets, coins, award ribbons, postcards, craft items - anything you enjoy can become a collectible.

If you do scrapbooking as a hobby, a trip to a craft supply or discount store is an opportunity to add goodies to your collection. Discovering patterned papers, pretty stickers, and embellishments of any type, size color and style is so much fun!

The problem many collectors face is what to do with a growing collection. Over the years, a collection can grow to be overwhelming. If there’s too much clutter and mess, it’s hard to be creative. And all those wonderful items go unused or stored in shoeboxes under the bed.

Organize anything with UniKeep

If your collections have gotten a bit out of control, we hope you can use the following ideas and tips to organize and store your collection however it works best for you.

After all, the goal is to get your supplies organized so you spend less time searching and sorting and more time creating and having fun!

scrapbooking supplies

What you will need:

1. A UniKeep Binder

The UniKeep three-ring binder. Customize your own binder! Our case-enclosed binders have a clear overlay so you can design and insert your own cover. Use the Unikeep templates or insert your own special artwork.

Customize your binder by selecting:

  • Binder Size - standard 11.5” x 10.5” or mini 9.5” x 7”
  • Color – black, white or clear
  • Ring style - clear or metal

2. UniKeep Accessory Pages

Use UniKeep plastic divider pages to categorize and store your large and small collectible items.

scrapbooking supplies
scrapbooking supplies

UniKeep Tip:tipFor quick and easy customization, try UniKeep's enclosed case binders for specific hobbies and collections.

These case-enclosed binders include special pages, protectors and dividers for specific types of collections, such as stamps, comics, concert tickets, trading cards, recipes, and gardening.

All you do is insert your coin, concert ticket, recipe or trading cards and you’re set!

Don't see your hobby listed? No worries! We’ll show you here how to completely customize a UniKeep binder (see how we’re customizing one here for scrapbooking supplies) and select accessories to fit your specific collection.


How to organize a scrapbooking supplies binder with UniKeep

Scrapbooking is a hobby that has many pieces and parts. Colorful, patterned papers of all shapes and sizes; and stickers, embellishments and other decorations take up a lot of space.

scrapbooking supplies
scrapbooking supplies

UniKeep Tip:tipUse our accessory pages to:

  • Preserve larger items – articles, clippings, booklets – with a binder pocket tabbed divider
  • Insert special papers, stickers, and embellishments into the 4” x 6” photo sheet protector pages
  • UniKeep business card page protectors and 3” x 5” photo sheet protectors can store buttons, beads, small decorations

How to begin

Here are four steps and tips to help you organize your scrapbooking supplies.

  1. Give yourself time to organize. Getting organized is a time-consuming process. Try to devote at least 10 minutes a day to get your crafting supplies organized. Completing one page a day is making progress!
  2. Get all of your supplies in one place. It doesn’t matter if you have an entire craft room or just a kitchen table. Get all of your supplies into one area or place. This will make it easier to sort and organize your supplies as well as give you a place to store all of those goodies.
  3. Sort your products and supplies by type. The first step in sorting is getting like products together. You can use piles, boxes or bags to keep like products together for sorting into categories later
  4. Keep only what you plan to use. If you have items you don’t use, it’s ok to get rid of them. If you can’t throw them away, have a yard sale or donate your old items to a church, school, or community or senior center.

Once you have your collection sorted, it’s really up to you to decide how to organize so you can quickly and easily locate your scrapbooking and papercraft supplies.

scrapbooking supplies

UniKeep Tip:tipUse the UniKeep page protectors and pocketed tabbed divider pages to organize crafting supplies according to:

  • Types of item: plain colored paper/floral/stripes/other pattern
  • Seasons and holidays
  • Animals, nature
  • Stencils
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Insert stickers, ribbons, cut-outs from idea books, buttons, beads

UniKeep Tip:tipOrganize scrapbook stickers with matching paper and/or embellishments.

Try grouping like items together. For example, if your family is planning a beach vacation, group your beach-themed paper, stickers, and embellishments together. Use the same method for holidays, birthdays and other family events.


So many uses for a UniKeep three-ring binder!

scrapbooking supplies

If you’re not a collector or hobbyist, there are still many ways you can use a UniKeep binder to organize, store and protect your important documents.

Here are some additional ideas for using a Unikeep binder.

  • Create a quiet time activity book for kids.
  • Organize and store documents for vacations, special events, clubs.
  • Store and organize coupons.
  • Organize and store school photos, artwork, and special assignments.
  • Organize information for a trip.
  • Keep a binder for any social or community group you may belong to rotary, book club, school fundraising, etc.
  • Keep special projects and presentations for work or school organized.

How do you organize your scrapbooking supplies? UniKeep would love to hear what’s working for you!

Contact UniKeep at 800-829-8117 or visit


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