Flair Button Storage with UniKeep’s Three-Ring Binder

Decorated 3 Ring Binder
  posted by: Kathleen Driggers, guest blogger


I get a lot of questions about “bling” storage. If you’re a crafter or collector of any type, you’ve more than likely collected lots of stuff over the years. Our “bling” is stored in boxes, bins, on shelves and in drawers.

When stuff is scattered and stuffed all over, it’s easy to forget what you have. My hobby is collecting flair pins. And I have lots. I recently changed the way I store them – using a case-style three-ring binder — and I’m sharing it here. I took a few pictures the other day so I could show you what works for me, and maybe it can help someone else, too.

Storing and organizing my flair buttons

My previous system for organizing my buttons didn’t work too well. I tried storing them in a binder using floss storage pages, but the badges kept falling out. I ended up sealing the page closed with Washi tape, which was less than ideal.

Also, I just have to be able to see my flair buttons! It would drive me absolutely nuts to have to dig through a bowl or some other container to find just the right one. So I kept looking and found the perfect solution.

The UniKeep 3 Ring Case View Binder

3 Ring Case View Binder

I purchased this 3 Ring Case View Binder, 1.5 inches with Metal Rings. This method is perfect for me because I want to see each and every flair button so I can easily choose the one(s) I want.

The UniKeep case binder snaps shut when you close it so nothing falls out. The cover also has a clear sleeve and you can decorate it however you’d like. Just slip in your printable or other special artwork, and you’re done!

Here’s a photo showing my UniKeep binder and how I decorated the cover:

Decorated 3 Ring Binder

Organize and protect

I also purchased these page protectors to go inside my binder. They’re called the “Coin Collector Refill Pack.” They’re available in packs of ten.

Coin Collector Sleeve
Coin Collector Refill Pack

When I bought these protector pages I didn’t notice that there are little inserts that go into the page protector like this:

I just thought I’d slide my flair buttons right into the pockets, not realizing there are a few more steps.

How I used the protector sheets

So this is how this works. There are little pockets that separate from the page protector and they look like this:

Coin Collector Sleeve
Coin Collector Sleeve

As you can see, a piece of white paper goes on one side and the flair button goes on the other.

Next, I removed that little “pocket” and slid it into the page protector. This secures the flair buttons and prevents them from sliding around.

In addition to being able to easily see all my buttons, I also really love this binder because if I’m going to a crop or making my own kit, I can just grab the “pockets” that match my project and go without having to take the entire binder.

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Kathleen Driggers is a crafter extraordinaire whose passions are scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafting. She lives near Seattle, Washington, and is Mom to two sons.



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