How to Use UniKeep to make
anything look better.

Proposals arrive pristine and polished because the rigid poly case prevents tearing and creasing through express delivery, baggage claim or cross-town traffic. And, you can easily customize the proposals with a one-off cover and adhesive pockets for your business card or disc with the multimedia presentation. UniKeep keeps it all together!

Projects can be efficiently organized by job, client, agency team or priority using colors or custom covers. Easy-to-print and easy-to-update covers can highlight contact info along with project description, strategy and timelines. The enclosed case makes it a snap to organize anything inside including fabric swatches, paint chips, client approvals and even those cocktail napkin sketches from random moments of inspiration. Use pages and adhesive pockets for additional organization that allows maximum flexibility.

Packaging can be created for a variety of products and uses. UniKeep offers unlimited solutions for combining and supplementing disc sets, small electronics, user’s guides and manuals, small parts kits and crafts. Using the wide variety of standard media disc pages, capability and other custom inserts like die-cut foam or chipboard, there are virtually no limits. If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.

Publications, manuals and sales kits can be more exciting, easier to use and more effective because UniKeep gives you more alternatives. Key information can be printed directly on the binder so it cannot be separated from the kit. A wide variety of sales tools, samples and additional informational pieces can be included using adhesive pockets and pages or UniKeep Extreme multi-compartment binders.

How to Get the most from your cover.

UniKeep binders come in three basic sizes and three standard colors. But you can be as creative as you want. The full wrap cover means there is more space to work with easily than any other binder.

Digital print your own cover inserts or labels

Print onto standard letter or tabloid sheets or print a full wrap cover on large format paper.

Commercially print a cover insert

Using our instructions or templates, you can have cover inserts printed in quantity by any commercial printer. The following options are subject to minimum orders and can be coordinated through your UniKeep dealer or ASI distributor.

Imprint the overlay

The clear polypropylene overlay of any UniKeep View Case BinderTM can be printed in high resolution graphics from your files – up to eight colors.

Screen print the case

Any Case Binder can be silkscreened up to four colors.



The following charts can be used to determine the ring options and the capacity of the size of your binder. Please contact a sales representative to help you with your choices.
*The sheet count is based on a 20 lb. Bond Paper.


Easily the most common ring metal, the Round-Ring is easy to use and can be mounted on either the spine or back cover. Many options for ring capacities and sheet sizes are available.

Straight D Ring

The common D-ring metal is mounted to the back cover which frees the spine of mounting rivets allowing for more decoration room. Slightly more compact than the other D-rings, the design allows for a shorter cover.

Slant D-Ring

This ring allows for easier use of index tab dividers as the contents are more spread out when the binder is open.