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Xbox Video Game Case, Stores 10 Discs and Graphic Books

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Product Description

If Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are familiar names to you, then you’re an Xbox fan. New Xbox games come out weekly, and if you’re a gamer, you need a way to store your growing collection.

Try the UniKeep Xbox Mini Binder storage binder. It’s small, sleek design makes it easy to fit in a bag or on a shelf. It stores up to 10 video game discs inside Safety-sleeve pockets. This soft, non-woven material won’t shed or form lint so your games are kept in pristine condition.

The UniKeep Xbox One Game Case is perfect for your Xbox game collection. The attractive digitally printed design sets this game case apart from the rest. Small enough to fit in a bag or easily fit in a tight space on a shelf. High-quality Safety Sleeves securely hold game discs without scratching. Fully enclosed and snap locking ensures the games are secure in any situation.

Product Features:

  • • Securely and safely holds video game discs in Safety Sleeves
  • • Holds up to 10 Xbox video game discs and graphic booklet
  • • Fits easily in a bag or on the shelf
  • • Fully enclosed and snap locking, games won’t fall out
  • • Portable enough to take with you anywhere
Outer Dimensions:
7.0" x 9.43" x 1.25"
Box Quantity:
1 binder kit
10 video game discs
10 disc sleeves

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