These organizers make the perfect guide for homework assignments, class activities and school projects. Our organizers include all of the tools necessary to organize your handouts, homework, contacts, and other important documents for your school year.

binders in bulk

binders in bulk
A “One & Done” School Binder
Keeping track of just one binder - rather than several -just became easier. Each binder is customized according to school subject and can be completed with add-ons such as binder pockets, tabbed dividers and CD/DVD pages.

School Reference Binders
Project Planner

Don’t Stress Over College Prep
Preparing for college can be a full-time job. Letters, applications and course requirements can intimidate those unfamiliar with the process. Organize it your way with customized content pages and add-on divider tabs, pocket pages and sheet protectors.

College Preparation
Nursing Binder Kit

A Multi-Tasking Star

Create workable agendas and plans for extracurricular activities. This enclosed binder helps you keep records, receipts, photos, timelines and assignment details all together in one place. Your most important items won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Yearbook Binder Kit
Student Council Binder Kit
Fundraising Binder Kit

For Super Performers Everywhere
Get involved and stay super-organized and happy. Pages are customized with special details pertinent to a specific performance type. Choose your own accessories and you’re ready for flawless event execution.

Drama Club
Chess Club
Prom Committee
UniKeep binder kits are a great way to keep track of all your subjects and
educational materials for easy reference throughout the year!