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Guitar Pick Mini Binder

Guitar Pick Storage

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Guitar Pick Collection Kit

The UniKeep Guitar Pick Collection Kit is a great way to store and display autographed picks or to just organize your favorite pick collection. The 15 crystal clear archival safe pages hold 225 picks and have slotted pockets to keep your picks secure and in mint condition. The fully enclosed and snap locking case prevents any picks you choose to store in the case, outside the pockets, from falling out. The 3 locking rings easily open to remove or rearrange your pick pages. This compact case will fit on a shelf, backpack or gig bag.

This UniKeep Guitar Pick Collection Kit was specially designed for protecting your pick collections while the clear pocket pages allow you to view the picks from both sides which is great when viewing autographed picks. Whether you are an amature guitar player, professional or just a fan - the UniKeep Guitar Pick Collection Kit is a great way to keep your collection or your favorite picks handy when time to jam.

Purchasing more than one kit allows you to display all the different types of picks and to organize them in volume sets while giving you room to grow the collections.

Now you have something special to store your guitar pick collection

Features include:

  • • Securely store 225 standard picks
  • • 15 Archival safe pages keep autographs and picks in mint condition
  • • Easily display your pick collection
  • • Enclosed, snap locking case also holds loose picks
  • • Easily fits on a shelf or in a bag
Outer Dimensions:
7.0" x 9.43" x 3/4"
Box Quantity:
1 binder kit
225 picks
15 clear pocketed pages, holding 15 picks each

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