1.5" 3 Ring Case View Binder

1.5 Inch Spine - 3 Metal Ring Case View Binder w/ Overlay - Pack of 3 Binders

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Product Description

Got to have metal rings? Our 1.5" Case View poly binder is now available with the familiarity and functionality of quick-snapping, 1" metal rings. This clear binder features a full-wrap cover overlay, and the same fully enclosed, archival-safe design as its 100% polypropylene counterpart, just with metal rings in place of our snap-locking poly rings.

  • Round metal rings with booster - access and secure your materials with one click
  • Clear poly overlay - repurpose your binders again and again just by swapping out a single-page insert (Also available without the overlay
  • Completely enclosed and durable - two snapping locks on the outside keep contents dry and dust-free on the inside
  • Stackable and storable - the archival-safe way to transport and store your documents
  • Made in the USA 

Snap RingsDurable Poly Rings:
Snap securely through thousands of uses without pinching, crimping or rusting.

Snap RingsView Case Binders:
Allow for easy customization with full wrap overlay. 

Snap RingsStackable:
The fully enclosed case protects everything inside and stores neatly anywhere.

Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
260 - 280 sheets of 20# Bond
Clear Poly
These things are beyond great. I've used these binders for years and they are awesome. Previously, I've used the all plastic binders, and found that Univenture now has this binder with the metal rings. We immediately put them to work for our legal work / investor portfolio.

The presentation and appearance of anything in these binders is top notch. If you're looking for something that both protects documents and looks really good, look no further.

Oh, I also need to mention that I've had a number of these binders, that get used almost daily, last for over 5 years and they still look like new.
I love these. I discovered them a while back when I needed to organize my index prints and photo cds. I like the fact that the contents are dust free, the rings are sturdy and and I can label the binder with something as simple as a spine label or as detailed as a full page picture or description. Because of the closed binder I can stack them horizantally or vertically depending on the storage location.
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