Tax Time, and Tips for Staying Organized

Whether you’re brave enough to take care of all the paperwork yourself or just stack it all up for your accountant, preparing to file your taxes can be difficult. While we’ve yet to find a way to make your tax day more fun, we do have a way to make organizing and storing your important tax information much less of a headache.

tax receipt organizer

If everything is organized, you will overcome the perilous task of finding the important information you need. I suggest you create a helpful reminder that can be viewed and modified every now and then to save you from getting frustrated when it comes to tax time. For proper reporting to IRS, accurate filing is necessary. An excellent tool for keeping organized is the UniKeep tax binder! You can save and neatly store all of your tax documents and receipts securely.

The UniKeep tax organizer is a 1-1/2 inch 3 ring case binder that comes with ten sheet protectors and five double binder pockets. It is manufactured for the ultimate protection of your tax documents and receipts. You can add every little detail necessary. My favorite detail of all is the binder’s latch, which ensures everything will remain neatly enclosed when it’s tucked away on my bookshelf – even if your idea of “doing your taxes” is merely getting your papers to the accountant without spilling coffee all over them, we’ve got you covered.

tax receipt organizer

On the flip side, if you have your own business there’s a dire need to stay more organized. You’ll be handling the documentation and receipts of your business expenses. Keeping a good comprehensible record of your receipts is the only way to evaluate your annual spending. UniKeep has prepared a tangible efficient tool to organize your receipts and other documents.

Keep all of your important receipts and documents inside your binder as you never know when IRS may come to audit you. Furthermore, checks and credit card statements are inadequate without receipts, so staple them and put them inside for proper safety. When tax time is around the corner, bring out your tax organizer to see what needs to be shared with the tax accountant or IRS. Let the ‘tax time’ be a ‘relax time’ for you rather than a ‘stress time’!

About UniKeep

UniKeep binders surpass traditional binders in virtually every aspect. UniKeep binders are ergonomically superior as well. The snap-locking poly rings will never pinch your fingers, misalign, or rust, and the fully enclosed case design holds even loose materials in place and allows for neat storage anywhere.

From disc-sized wallets to large-format presentation binders and several sizes in between, and with design possibilities including clear overlays and digital printing, UniKeep products feature outstanding customization potential.

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