3 Ring Binder Size Chart

Ring Binder Size Chart Guide

The history of ring binders dates back to the mid and late 1800’s, when storing loose papers was a big challenge to many homes and offices. It was not until 1854 that Henry T. Sisson from Providence, Rhode island submitted his work for patent for both 2-ring and 3-ring binders. Still, it was not until 1899 before the Chicago Binder and File Company began making them available for sale.

Initially, binders were coated with thick cardboard with the ring mechanisms created from highly polished, nickel coated cold-rolled steel. Today, the ring mechanisms continue to be made from steel and are completely recyclable. Each ring is composed of separate arms welded on a metal carrier in a frame which enables them to open and close in unison.

The spring-loaded ring mechanism binders are often round in shape and are usually called O ring, though we have others with a D shape mechanism known as D ring. On account of this shape, D Ring binders have the capacity to save more paper than the specific ring kind.

Here are the types of ring binder and their size charts:

Round Ring Binders Size Chart

Round ring binders are favorites of offices and classrooms for an excellent reason -- they're typically the cheapest options. When it comes to binders, cheap does not mean substandard. Round ring binders are a great option when you require just a basic binder for your documents.

Ring Size:Sheet Capacity:
1/2" 100 Sheets
1" 175 Sheets
11/2" 275 Sheets
2" 375 Sheets
3" 460 Sheets

D Ring

D-ring binders have some benefits over the basic round ring binders – one of such is that they hold more papers. D-Ring Binders hold around 25 percent more paper than the usual round ring. The ring is mounted into the rear cover so pages lie flat.

The larger the binder ring, the more pages that the binder holds. The shape of this ring also impacts capacity. Round ring binders hold the fewest pages; D-ring binders hold the maximum.

D-Ring Binders Size Chart

Ring SizeSheet Capacity
1" 200-275 Sheets
11/2" 350-540 Sheets
2" 480-540 Sheets
3" 600-670 Sheets
4" 700-780 Sheets
5" 1,300 Sheets

Slant Ring Binders Size Chart

Slant ring binders would be the strongest of this lot. However, what you gain in strength, you loose in capacity. Slant rings are stronger than D-rings, however they hold fewer pages. Slant ring binders would be the ideal alternative for large documents which observe a good deal of usage.

Ring SizeSheet Capacity
1/2" 120 Sheets
1" 220 Sheets
11/2" 375 Sheets
2" 480 Sheets
3" 600 Sheets
4" 725 Sheets
5" 975 Sheets

How Many Sheets will my 3-Ring Binders Hold?

Preparing for a meeting or major presentation is not entirely the best news for some people; especially if your materials will need to make the ideal impression on your supervisor or a potential client. The amount of pages of paper (sheet capacity) a 3-ring binder can hold is dependent upon the size of the binder (that is the ring dimensions quantified as inches) along with the sort of ring style.

However, without proper preparation, you could discover at the last moment that your binders will not hold your most major documents properly. If you don't want your presentation to turn into a complete catastrophe, it is essential to ensure that your custom 3-ring binders would be the proper size for the materials you intend to include.

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