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  posted by: Bryan Gordon

UniKeep Introduces a New Product to Protect and Organize Valuable Contact Information

Contact Organizer

Marysville, Ohio - March 21, 2013 - For every messy stack of business cards there are a dozen big breaks left behind; the critical details behind a name - details that can make a sale or foster a productive relationship - can slip away far too easily. Without a clever way for sales teams to keep this information accessible and organized, those opportunities do nothing but accumulate undeveloped. UniKeep, a leading manufacturer of binders and other organizational supplies, has released a product that will make networking at trade shows and conferences much simpler and better protected.

The UniKeep Contact Organizer is a purpose-built binder that ensures networking stays streamlined. Company president Michele Cole said, "This is an ideal solution for our on-the-go customers because it keeps their materials neatly and fully enclosed." Each half-inch binder can carry as many as 40 cards in an orderly and polished-looking package. Doris Goode, an administrative assistant and long-time UniKeep customer, praised the binder's sturdiness. "I can put whatever I need in it without worrying about anything falling out - it fits my needs perfectly."

Contact Organizer

It's evident that, both inside and out, the binder has been designed with professional appeal and adaptability in mind. The outside cover is available in two colorways, or customers can elect to purchase an overlay-compatible version to insert their own designs. The contact pages inside can also easily be added or removed, and they are also modifiable for any outing's specific needs. Beneath each card holder is a corresponding space for any related notes - a seemingly minor detail that makes all the difference on a hectic business trip.

Contact Organizer

Cole also stressed the Contact Organizer's eco-friendly virtues - like most UniKeep products, its plastic is 100% recyclable, and the binders themselves can be repurposed to a customer's changing needs. "For twelve years we've strived to keep both environmentally and economically conscious, which is why our designs always have lasting reuse and versatility in mind," she said. In addition to the ready-made and insert-compatible options, UniKeep will also offer to digitally print clients' own cover designs..

We have also provided High-Resolution Images and a PDF for you to download!


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