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Feb 09, 2017
posted by: JLT

Nursing is a focused career that stands on the firm pillars of devotion and kindness. Being a nurse puts you in a position to serve humanity which requires recognizing important tasks and staying organized. A nurse can’t alter the number of hours she works, but can definitely make the most of her time by finishing off the daily tasks in a systematic way. Keeping a track of each imperative task, everyday shifts, and patients’ information is critical.

To resolve any organization issues nurses may have, UniKeep presents it’s highly durable and customized Nursing Binder. Whether it’s starting early every single day or organizing your supplies or reports, UniKeep Nursing Binder holds....


Nov 01, 2016
posted by: JLT
3 ring binders

A few months ago, I was looking to get back into comic book binding. I had some books bound a few years ago, but after a while, I didn't' like the idea of having my books permanently damaged due to the binding process. I also didn't like dealing with the issues like trimming, because some books had text that was too close to the edge and got cut off. I tried putting my books in the 3 ring binders from an office supply store and used comic sleeves to hold them, but I also didn't like the results (the binders were too awkward to move on a bookcase because they're more triangular). I gave up that idea and decided to try bookbinding again, trying to learn from my mistakes years ago. I even came to a comic book forum for help with some graphic covers, but the idea of having my books cut up started to nag at me again. In the end, I found a great alternative.

Finding a company called UniKeep that makes enclosed binders which are rectangular like a book, so I don't have to worry about....


Sep 29, 2016
posted by: Kiran Khalil

Everyone wants to remember and cherish the great time spent at school with classmates, friends, and teachers. Looking back at highlighted memories of your school year is always a blissful experience that must be shared with the loved ones later. To preserve every detail and photo of your school year, you must always go for a reliable yearbook that sustains and organizes memories well. For this, there is no better yearbook than the UniKeep Yearbook Committee Organizer Kit as it says for itself “Making This Year’s Memories Count.

The chronicle of school events shape memories and illuminate cherished moments. What could be better than having your important life experiences in one place? There are many who still don’t know the importance of having a school yearbook or all the...