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DS Gaming Compact Storage Binders - Holds 20 Games

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Product Description

Who doesn’t remember when the Nintendo DS first hit the market in 2004? Kids everywhere sat glued to the device, mesmerized by cartridge technology shown on two screens. It has since become an icon of modern gaming.

The UniKeep DS game case is perfect for gamers who have grown up with the DS and those new to the game. This case features a bright, modern digitally-printed cover and contains a specially sized foam insert that protects and securely stores up to 28 games, plus five micro SD cards.

Our DS Video Game Mini-Kit protects your games from getting lost or broken. Plus, it’s portable and stacks easily on a shelf.

DS Video Game Mini Kit features include:

  • • Securely and safely holds game cartridges in foam
  • • Holds up to 28 games and 5 micro SD cards
  • • Fits easily on a shelf or in a bag
  • • Snap locking and fully enclosed, games won’t fall out
  • • Small enough to take with you anywhere
Outer Dimensions:
7.0" x 9.43" x 3/4"
Box Quantity:
1 Binder Kit
Holds up to 28 games and 5 micro SD cards
Foam insert designed to Hold up to 28 games and 5 micro SD cards
Recently bought this through Etsy. It works very well. Games fit nice and snug. And the closing snap closes nicely. Everything is of good quality. Only request would be to have an option to have no graphs (pure see-through), and possibly a sleeve to put in our own design on the outside.
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