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Organize your life with UniKeep.

At one point or another, everything needs to be organized. Whether it’s your home office, kitchen, closet, or bedroom, your space has a way of attracting paper clutter and other odds-and-ends. In order to have a functional, efficient space, it’s key to have an organizational system that’s fun and easy to use, and UniKeep has the right tools for the job.

As you tackle a home organization project, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep like items together – A key to successful organization is dividing items into categories and storing them separately. UniKeep products are fully enclosed and perfect for labeling, making it easy to collect loose papers or objects in easily identifiable containers.
  • Keep small items in containers – Do away with the junk drawer. By keeping small, loose items sorted and contained, you’ll be able to easily move and store them without making a mess. UniKeep binders snap closed and stay closed, so you can store them on a shelf or toss them in a backpack without worrying about the contents falling out. Try that with a 3-ring binder or open basket.
  • Clearly label each container – What good is keeping everything in sorted, enclosed containers if you can’t easily find the one you’re looking for? Clear, large labeling makes it easy to glance under a bed or on a shelf and quickly find the container you need. UniKeep offers a wide range of digital and screen printing options for attractive, permanent labeling, and free cover insert templates to fit every size.

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How do you use your UniKeep?


As an organizing consultant of 11 years, I am always on the lookout for innovative products that will assist, motivate and add flair of FUN for my clients to stay organized once we have created the necessary systems. I am delighted to say UniKeep fits the bill in an array of areas!

A wealth of my clients are the "creative types" so traditional organizing tools don't always work in their best interest. Yet they LOVE the flexibility and "non-traditional " look of UniKeep to keep them organized and very professional!

UniKeep is fabulous for transporting papers/files to important meetings; making sure a child's homework is self-contained without smushing all the papers in their backpack; containerizing color swatches and furniture samples for a remodel project; traveling with your favorite music; and even organizing (and protecting) a discombobulated recipe collection!

My clients truly appreciate the ability to customize the cover/binder for easy retrieval (and further utilize their creative spirit) while the portability ensures papers will not be damaged, crumpled, jumbled or lost!

Last yet not least -- I personally love UniKeep because it makes my job a lot easier in creating the space for clients to store their information. The concept of a professionally attractive, lightweight, flat binder system was LONG overdue and now I look like a genius to clients who are first time users.

Keep up the wonderful job -- UniKeep's product line limitations are only within the constraints of the users mind!
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