Tips For Designers

Get the look you want with UniKeep.

UniKeep offers more opportunities for customization than any other binder, which means a better chance of making a lasting impression with clients and prospects. Whether you’re a professional designer or just getting started, UniKeep gets the creativity flowing with portfolios, proposals, project management, and much more.

Portfolios – Your design work says something about you—why shouldn’t your portfolio? With UniKeep’s variety of shapes, sizes, accessories, and printing options, you’ll be able to keep your samples safe and secure while showing off your creative side. UniKeep also offers free full-wrap cover insert templates so you can create your own look on a budget.

Proposals – Wow your clients and land the job with a polished, expertly presented proposal. UniKeep’s rigid polypropylene case protects your contents from tearing and creasing through cross-town traffic or cross-country express shipping. Give your client everything they need in personalized package with a tailor-made cover insert, adhesive business card pockets, and a disc sleeve for multimedia content.

Project Management – UniKeep helps keep your projects organized and on-track. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, accessories, and custom-printing options, you can easily sort your projects by client, agency team, or priority. UniKeep’s printable cover templates make it easy to create project summaries that give you your most important information at a glance, including project description, timeline, and client information.

Ready to get started? Explore the UniKeep store and find the perfect product for your business.


How do you use your UniKeep?


I have recently discovered your view case binder product line, and I love them!

I am a designer with a large architectural / engineering firm in Cincinnati, and we're currently using the product for a marketing proposal book. I wanted to throw you an idea that came up while talking about the binders.

In designing the packaging for our proposal, we looked at several different binders and systems, and aesthetically, the UniKeep binder wins hands down. The fact that it's translucent allows for a complex, layered effect from the outside. The full-width sleeve also lets us do all sorts of interesting things with the cover insert like cutting out certain shapes to allow the document below to show through the case, including revealing the structural cuts into the binder that house the three rings. Beautiful.

But the one hesitation our marketing / design folks have had in using the binders for proposals is that the square shape of the rings hinders an effortless flipping through the pages, especially if you're trying to go to a tab at the back of the document and lifting a lot of pages at once.
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