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Make the grade with UniKeep.

UniKeep helps students and teachers alike stay successful in the classroom with a full line of products for easy, effective organization.

Student's UniKeep binders and pages are perfect for organizing class notes and materials, making them easier to navigate and study later on. Pages and divider tabs can be used to color-code and separate class subjects and projects, allowing quick access the information you need. Crystal-clear page protectors are a great way to store often-referenced schedules, syllabi, or conversion tables, and are ideal for adding a professional touch to a report or presentation. Plus, their rigid, stackable polypropylene design means they're easy to carry and won't topple out of your locker like typical 3-ring binders.

You'll be walking the halls in style with UniKeep™'s flashy colors and customization options. Printing options and free cover insert templates make it simple to decorate your UniKeep with school colors, mascots, or even a class schedule.

Teachers UniKeep gives teachers a better way to manage lesson plans, grades, and assignments, meaning more efficient grading and planning with less clutter. Clear page protectors and pocketed dividers separate class groups and subjects and offer prominent storage for important materials like grades or seating charts.

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How do you use your UniKeep?


I manage my household budget! A place for all my bills, receipts and calendars. By using it this way I have learned how to be one month ahead on all bills each year. I keep my monthly bill calendars together, work everything on a four-week basis (ignoring the months with a fifth week, start back at week one instead) and at the end of the year I am one month ahead on all bills. It has worked out great.

I also manage my home school! I keep all information, lesson plans, and forms together this way. Everything is where I need it when I need it. That way there is no scrambling around trying to find the information I need to finish a lesson, or trying to find the forms I have to mail in at the end of each month to report for my home school.
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