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Unikeep offers organizational products in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for keeping your home in order. Whether you bring your work home with you and want help keeping it in its place, or simply want a better way to manage the piles of coupon clippings, monthly bills, and paper records, UniKeep helps you organize with style.

Create a filing system that's easy for the whole family. UniKeep binders and accessories are a safe, compact, and portable way to keep it organized and out of the way. Here are some of our favorite home uses:

  • Newspaper clippings
  • Coupons
  • Recipes
  • Tax records and receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Phone numbers
  • Prescriptions and medical information
  • Stamps and envelopes
  • Art projects and school assignments
  • Restaurant menus

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How do you use your UniKeep?


Dear Most Fabulous UniKeep People who have liberated me, permanently, from the tyranny of paperwork, so that I can live a less stressful, happier, more productive, peaceful and creative life. I recently visited your web site and saw my letter to you on the customer comments page. Upon reading it, I noticed that, although it appears to say all one human being could possibly say in favor of a mere organizational tool, I still can not resist telling you AGAIN how much I love UniKeep binders. I suspect that my passion for organization may be somewhat unusual, but I just can't restrain myself from re-expressing that my life has been transformed by this one, simple product.

Paperwork has been the bane of my life. I tried everything, and before UniKeep binders, I just COULD NOT get it all organized. I tried everything, but the papers were still piling up in jumbles, and I was still wasting time searching for important information, not to mention losing it altogether. Now that I use UniKeep binders for ALL my paperwork, I live in a perfectly organized house, in which I can find ANY paper at ANY time, from an obscure receipt for some product I bought last year, to this month's bank statement. I can find the name of the movie I saw in December because I have a binder labeled "cultural events" and I slip movie ticket stubs into its clear plastic trading card pages. I can carry around yoga schedules in a .5" View Case binder and keep it in my car, so that if I want to find a class on a whim, I have all the information in front of me-- not to mention a picture of yoga poses that serves as the front cover to the binder, inspiring me to go to the class!

Here is part of an e-mail I was just writing to my friend N, who is also mentioned in my first letter:
I think that UniKeep binders are the best invention in the history of paperwork, not that I haven't mentioned this before. I can see my whole shelf of UniKeep in the cabinet, and it is unbelievable how convenient and perfect they are. Three ring binders in my cabinet would be impossible because they are triangular, plus they would be full of dumb, easily-breaking metal rings, plus they would not be able to hold stuff in a box if I didn't feel like hole-punching them in. Wow do I love UniKeep. I definitely need more of them, I am going to order them right now!

I went to the Univenture web site, or, as I call it, organization Mecca! They have a new binder with two compartments, so you can have paperwork in one half and pens, a calculator, or whatever little tools you need on the other half. I could put my calligraphy papers on one side, and my brushes and ink bottle on the other! (I measured the ink bottle-- it would fit!) I could put my taxes on one side and calculator on the other! I could stuff loose receipts on one side and then have clear photo pages on the other

side! (I slide receipts into write-on photo pages, so I can label "medical," "supplies," etc. underneath, and then just slip them in where the photos would go). Unbelievable-- my life will be EVEN more UniKeeply organized!!!!!!

I know that one day, UniKeep will be the standard and three-ring binders will be as old-fashioned as records. Sure, three-ring binders, like records, will be kind of vintage and have a certain nostalgia appeal, but we all know that records skip, break, and warp, just as three-ring binders are the wrong shape (triangular), made with the wrong ring material (metal), with the wrong kind of sides (open). What uses will the world find for all those old binders anyway? UniKeep are 100% recyclable, not like those old clunkers. Three-ring binders are definitely 20th century paperwork technology and I am just grateful I live in the 21st century, in the world of UniKeep. And why do I live in the world of UniKeep? Not because it is just the natural process of evolution, but because of the vision, creativity and hard work of the most fabulous people at Univenture.
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