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Business Tips

UniKeep and your business go hand in hand. With a full line of unique storage and organizational products, UniKeep is your solution for storing, presenting, and organizing business materials. From durable, easily stackable 3-ring binders for storing important documents to polished, professional presentation binders for showing off your sales materials, UniKeep has something for you.

Here are a few ways that UniKeep can help keep your office organized and efficient:

Improved storage:  UniKeep binders feature an innovative, fully enclosed design that makes them stackable, portable, and perfect for organized shelf storage. A variety of available colors and printing options means you'll always be able to quickly find what you need.

Everything in one place:  UniKeep offers binders and accessories in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet your business' needs. Make a lasting impression with our presentation binders, keep your office organized with our heavy-duty case binders, and customize them all with durable sheet protectors for pages, discs, and business cards.

Go green while looking great : All UniKeep binders and accessories are made entirely from recyclable polypropylene right down to the snap-locking rings that won't rust, pinch, or bend. That means our products are archival-safe and curbside recyclable, helping your business put its best foot forward.

Ready to get started? Explore the UniKeep store and find the perfect product for your business.


How do you use your UniKeep?


I am the secretary for our volunteer organization of Emergency Management in our community. My idea for organizations who could use your binders would be to create and insert a map of the county and the community/town/city etc. whatever fits for that organization. I do a lot of paperwork and the binder I have from you is very helpful in keeping personnel information crisp and neat. I spend many of personnel dollars getting maps printed for various adjacent towns/boroughs/and communities so that if we need to respond to an area we could use the map immediately without scampering around to find the correct one. We are somewhat new at this but with the high level of terrorist threats we need to be as ready as we can to assist in all disaster whether be human or natural.
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