Laser Instructions

Unique products for extraordinary creativity.

The enclosed product is part of an exciting new line that offers virtually unlimited creative potential. Laser printable EnvyPak products include business card mailers, photo mailers and retail envelopes that let you easily create exactly the quantity you need.

These products have passed our own tests for laser compatibility, but you may experience some variation with different manufacturers.  Due to the wide variation of standards in digital technology, we CANNOT guarantee print results or equipment safety*.

EnvyPak products are NOT intended for use with ink jet printers.

For best results, UniKeep recommends the following guidelines when using EnvyPak laser printable products.

Store unused EnvyPak sheets in the re-sealable poly package. Keep the package out of direct light and away from extreme temperatures.

Print using the “super heavyweight”, “card stock” or similar setting for paper type.

Open the output tray on the back of your printer so that the print follows the straightest path possible through the printer.

Feed the sheets into the printer so that the tape or bottom of the pockets goes into the printer first.  The open edge of the pocket must be the trailing edge.  You may be able to rotate your layout 180° in the print properties set up. 

Avoid designs that bleed off the sheet as most printers will not print off of the edge of the paper.

Avoid printing critical information or type close to the perforations and adhesive tape area as the results may be unpredictable.

Do not print on the clear window or pocket.

Allow the printed sheets to lay flat until cool to avoid curling.

If you consistently achieve unsatisfactory results, please let us know.  We are striving for the best product performance possible, and we welcome any feedback.

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