Stamp Collection Binder Kit

Stamp Collection Binder Kit
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Product Description

We took our signature 1.50 inch case binder and kitted it with ten of our Stamp Collector Sheet Protectors

Stamp Collection Binder Kit will safely hold and label a grand total of 200 Stamps

Unikeep Stamp Collection Binder Kit Keep your treasured stamp collection guarded and organized professionally. The timeless design of our Stamp Collection Binder Kit allows you to store and organize your stamps anywhere for years to come. UniKeep’s signature 1.50 inch binder comes with 10 protector sheets to store up to 200 postage stamps. 

Whether you’ve been collecting stamps for years or want to start out, the Stamp Collection Binder Kit is a perfect tool to keep your stamps organized all in one place, safely. You wont have to worry about damage with our archival-safe storage, stamps will be completely enclosed, free from dirt and dust. The binders clear stamp flips make it easy to add and remove stamps at your convenience.

Like all UniKeep Case Binders, the Stamp Collection Binder Kit is made in the USA. This attractive, high-quality case binder is one of dozens of organization kits available from UniKeep. Each is designed to make your life simpler when it comes to storing, organizing, protecting, or showing off. UniKeep cases and Envypak pages represent the best and brightest brands throughout the world for handling and even mailing important messaging.

Unikeep Stamp Collection Binder Kit has the following features:

• Store and display over 200 of your collective postage stamps
• Make your collection more attractive and valuable
• Includes 10 Collector Archival-Safe sheet protectors
• Durable rings, Stackable binder, Secured stamp collection
• Made in the USA - manufactured in Marysville, OH

Snap RingsDurable Poly Rings:
Snap securely through thousands of uses without pinching, crimping or rusting.

Snap RingsStackable:
Fully enclosed case protects everything inside and stores neatly anywhere.

Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50
Box Quantity:

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