Stamp Collecting Supplies

stamp collecting supplies

Stamp Collecting Supplies That Will Make Stamp Collecting Great For You

It is a really great idea to start a stamp collection. You will have a lot of fun finding stamps from all over the world to add to your collection. To get the best out of this awesome hobby you will need the right stamp collecting supplies. So we have some great advice for you here to ensure that you end up with all of the necessary supplies.

We will take a look at how you should store your stamps and keep them safe. It is very easy to damage stamps and you do not want this to happen. Stamps can be expensive and you need to take care of them. We will also look at where you can purchase your stamps and your stamp collection supplies.

Stamp Collection Album

Your postage stamp album is an essential part of stamp collecting tool kit. You will find stamp collecting albums for sale in a number of places both offline and online. Before you rush out and look for suitable postage stamp albums we want to explain a few important things to you.

It is always a good idea to think ahead. Many new stamp collectors start off by purchasing a huge pack of stamps and an album that has a page for every country in the world. The problem with these kinds of stamp albums is that you will soon run out of space for certain countries and have stamps for these territories and nowhere to keep them.

If this happens you can end up in a mess and become disillusioned with the whole idea of stamp collecting which we do not want to happen to you. You will end up having to purchase a larger, or secondary album and then have the hassle of reorganizing all of your stamps.

So it is important that you start your stamp collecting career in the right way. We recommend that you get a special book for your stamps that have stamp collecting sleeves where you can easily slip in the stamps that you acquire. This is a great way to easily organize your stamps and keep them in the best condition.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a stamp album or stamp collecting binder as well. When you are making the choice here make sure that it isn’t too small meaning you will have to buy another. Don’t go too large either because if your stamp collection is not that big then a large album will look strange with just a few stamps in it.

Rather than purchasing a stamp album that has a fixed number of pages in it we recommend that you go for a stamp collection holder where you can add additional stamp collecting pages. A stamp collecting binder is a very good idea as they normally have stamp protector sleeves and you can always add more.

It will be natural for you to want to collect stamps from your own country. So you may want to have a separate stamp album for this as you are likely to accumulate many more stamps from the country where you live.

The old method of stamp collecting involves using special gummed hinges to add stamps to your album. These days there are many stamp albums and binders available that do not require the use of stamp hinges. Instead they use transparent mounts so all you need to do is slot in your acquired stamps.

You will pay more for these types of stamp albums but the convenience that they offer can certainly be worth paying the extra money. There are also stamp albums available in “multi ring” form containing blank leaves rather than leaves which have specific countries printed on them.

Usually a multi ring stamp album will lay flat when you open it. Multi ring albums are stamp supplies for collectors and hobbyists alike. When you are adding stamps and providing your own write ups then it is best to remove the individual leaves from the binder.

Make a wise choice for your stamp albums. It is the most important of all of your stamp collecting accessories and is what most people use for their stamp collection display. Always think ahead and you won’t go far wrong.

Other Stamp Accessories

So what other postage stamp collecting supplies do you need? Well obviously you will need a stamp supply. We will discuss where you can buy your stamps a little later on so here we will focus on other stamp collector supplies that you will need.

We recommend that you purchase proper stamp collector tongs. These are tweezer style instruments that you can purchase in different shapes and lengths. These are essential for the handling of your stamps as you do not want to transfer dirt and oil from your fingers onto them.

If you have very valuable stamps then the smallest of faults such as an oil or dirt stain can reduce the value significantly. Tongs will prevent oil and dirt but you still need to be careful with them as it is possible to crease or tear your stamps if you don’t use them correctly. Tongs are the stamp holder’s collector’s use.

As you get more involved with stamp collecting you will want to analyze stamps more. So magnifying glasses are very important stamp collecting supplies. There are a number of different magnifying glasses available. You can purchase anything from a standard magnifying glass to a high powered magnifying glass that has a strong light with it.

You can also buy a watermark detecting tray and watermark detector fluid to identify stamp watermarks and any faults. Be sure to get watermark detector fluid that is safe to use with stamps. Waiting for the fluid to dry is an excellent method to see all of the tiny faults which you cannot see when the stamp is dry.

Where to Buy Stamp Collecting Supplies

In some areas you will find stamp collecting supplies available in dedicated shops. These are great because the shop owners are usually enthusiasts and have been collectors themselves for a number of years. They will be able to answer all of your questions and give you some good advice. They are usually a good place to buy different stamps as well.

You can also purchase your stamp collection supplies online. Just do a search for “stamp collector supplies online” and you should find many suppliers. You can usually buy your stamps from here too. Look at the different online suppliers and compare their prices and shipping charges.

It is possible to buy stamp supplies wholesale both online and online but they will want you to order in large quantities. You can get general stamp accessories from large online stores such as as well.

We hope that you found this article on stamp collecting supplies helpful and informative. Stamp collecting is a great hobby and who knows you may even want to become a collector. Make sure that you take your time so that you end up with the best stamp collecting supplies to meet your needs.

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