Mini Hockey Trading Card Holder

MINI Hockey Card Holder
- Holds up to 200 Cards
- Complete with 25 Pages

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Product Description

Novice and seasoned hockey card collectors know how important it is to protect their valuable collections. UniKeep's mini Hockey Card Storage Binder includes 25 archival-quality, polypropylene protector sheets that hold up to 200 cards (stored front to back) securely in place. UniKeep's hockey card binder works as a trading card case that snaps completely closed to prevent cards from loss and damage. This smaller size is portable and stacks neatly.

  • • Holds up to 200 standard-sized sports cards back to back
  • • Archival-safe pages protect cards from the elements, dirt, and dust
  • • Completely enclosed 1 1/4" binder case snaps closed
  • • Durable poly rings won’t pinch or rust
  • • Made with 100% recyclable polypropylene
Outer Dimensions:
7.0" x 9.43" x 1.25"
Box Quantity:
1 binder kit
25 pages, up to 200 cards back to back

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