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Product Description

UniKeep™'s Recipe Mini Binder is the cleanest (and Greenest) way to organize and present your recipes. The 100% polypropylene case stacks neatly and is fully enclosed, keeping recipe materials contained, compact and portable. The 25 page protectors hold 50 custom-designed recipe cards that leave plenty of room for labeling. The 3" x 5" pages are double-pocketed, meaning there is room for an additional 50 cards with the included pages. Get cooking!

  • 25 polypropylene pages with 50 paper recipe cards and four divider tabs: no more tomato sauce on your recipes!
  • 3 digitally printed designs in two card sizes: choose from 3" x 5"or 5"x 7" card pages
  • Snap-locking rings that won't pinch, misalign or rust: tough rings that stand up to clipping and unclipping
  • Completely enclosed and durable: snap-locking exterior latch keeps recipe materials contained and portable
  • 100% polypropylene: 100% recyclable and archival-safe; won't deteriorate
Outer Dimensions:
7 x 9.43 x 1.25 inches
Box Quantity:
25 polypropylene pages with 50 paper recipe cards and four divider tabs
Gave as a present and she loves the product. Always us to consolidate 3 boxes receipts to this one container.
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