Wedding Planner

Project: Wedding Planner

A Create Your Own Binder project that will help you stay organized for your Big Day!

by Kristan Weaver

When I got engaged it was very important to me that I enjoy my engagement and not allow myself to be stressed because let's face it, wedding planning can be stressful! There were so many contracts, receipts, and documents to be stored. I had dates and appointments to remember. My favorite part of early planning was looking at wedding magazines and cutting out inspirational pictures and words. I found out very quickly that I had to do something about my wedding planning clutter in order to have a clear mind. Before I said "I Do", I had to answer the question "How can I make wedding planning as organized as possible?!" Thankfully, UniKeep was there to help!

I wanted a wedding organizer binder, but I couldn't find one that was exactly what I envisioned. So I decided to make one myself! With UniKeep's Create Your Own Binder tool, I was able to personalize a binder just for me. Then I gathered some of my favorite and essential Binder Accessories, a cute notepad and pen to create the greatest Wedding Planning Binder ever!


  • Create Your Own Binder
  • #12418 - UniKeep Divider Tabs, set of 5
  • #12860 - EnvyPak Adhesive Photo Pocket
  • Printed Calendar Pages
  • Notepad and Pen
  • Receipts, signed contracts, business cards, etc.

Create Your Own Binder

This is the part where you can get creative! Visit our Create Your Own Binder page and choose the binder size you'd like. I chose the 1 1/2" binder, and the size was perfect for me. Your other options are 1/2" or 1" binders. From there you can upload your own graphics, pictures and text to personalize your Wedding Binder.
Don't have a creative side? No worries! You can purchase one of our other 3 Ring Binders in a variety of fun colors.



Fill up your binder

Next up is putting your Divider Tabs, and Page Protectors in place with all of your important information. My sections consisted of a calendar up front, venue contract, photography and DJ contracts, and fun magazine cutouts of flowers, dresses and more each in their own separate Page Protector!
What I loved about using a UniKeep Binder for my Wedding Planner was that with the enclosed case I never had to worry about losing anything out of the binder!



Get Organized!

Once you start getting everything in place in your binder, the organization comes easy. It's amazing what a UniKeep Binder can do! The best part about this Binder project is that you will have a fun keepsake of your wedding. After your wedding when you no longer need the contracts and calendar pages, you can put UniKeep's Photo Sheet Protectors in the binder and make a photo album with your binder! Have fun with it!



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