Sport Card Collection Binder Kit

Sport Card Collection Binder Kit

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Sport Card Collection Binder Kit

Unikeep Sport Card Collection Binder Kit  Whether you're looking for a gift for a dedicated sports card collector or a way to store your own hard-earned collection, the Sport Card Collection Binder is what you need to keep them all organized and protected. UniKeep's spacious Sport Card Collection Binder features 10 collector sheet protectors that store up to 180 standard-size sport cards. This binder has room to grow by adding additional sheets that store up to 500 cards. Its snap-locking poly rings make adding and removing sheets safe and efficient.

Like all UniKeep Case Binders, the Sport Card Collection binder is made in the USA. This attractive, high-quality case binder is one of dozens of organization kits available from UniKeep. Each is designed to make your life simpler when it comes to storing, organizing, protecting, or showing off your collections. UniKeep cases and Envypak pages represent the best and brightest brands throughout the world for handling and even mailing important messaging. UniKeep's enclosed case binder and archival-safe pages protect your cards from dirt and dust so their value is never lost.

You can count on the Sport Card Collection Binder to preserve your treasured collection for years to come. This 1 ½"" binder is available in five different sports designs to accommodate any athlete's or collector's preference.

Unikeep Sport Card Collection Binder Kit features:
• The ideal gift for sports card collectors
• Comfortably holds 500 or more cards, with additional collector sheet protectors added
• Holds up to 180 of your most treasured sport cards for years to come
• Archival-safe pages keep your cards protected from the harshest elements of time
• 5 sports designs to choose from: Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football or All-Sports
• Completely durable and enclosed binder case

Snap RingsDurable Poly Rings:
Snap securely through thousands of uses without pinching, crimping or rusting.

Snap RingsStackable:
Fully enclosed case protects everything inside and stores neatly anywhere.

Outer Dimensions:
11.75 X 10.5 X 1.56 inches
Sold with 10 Collector Sheet Protectors to hold 180 cards. Will hold up to 500 or more cards with additional collector sheet protectors added.
10 Trading Card Collector Pages
If you’re anything like me—and I suspect that, if you’re reading this, you are—then you’re at the very least somewhat cautious with your collection of cards. Some of us are downright overprotective of our PC. The ability to safely store single cards into a penny sleeve, toploader or one-touch has been standard for years and years. However, set collectors have few options. You can either stuff them into a box and rarely ever see them again without having to flip and rifle through card by card, or you can protect them in 9-pocket poly pages placed into 3-ring binders. The latter is my preferred method of storing sets, however there are limitations to even the best of standard 3-ring binders.

One of the limitations of standard binders lies within the standard design of a typical binder. When you think of a binder, you think of something that flips open just like a book. That means that every side of the binder aside from the spine is completely exposed. What should happen if you accidentally store your binder upside down? You may end up with cards falling out of their pages and becoming damaged. What should happen if your binder is accidentally knocked off of its shelf? Pages and cards may go flying in all directions causing irreparable damage to your prized cardboard collection.

Another limitation of standard binders comes with the typical metal hinge rings. Many of them snap together but never really lock in place. Ever notice a little gap between the rings? This can cause pages to become loose and can potentially scratch pages and, worse still, the cards within those pages.

These limitations are addressed by UniKeep with their outstanding case binders. They are completely enclosed and snap shut to keep what’s inside the binder INSIDE THE BINDER. Not only that, the case helps protect my valuable cards from dirt and moisture—something a fully exposed standard 3-ring binder has no chance of doing. The rings themselves snap and lock together tightly. That helps to ensure that your pages will stay put and that the rings themselves won’t come out of alignment with each other...

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