How To Clean Old Coins The Right Way

How To Clean Old Coins The Right Way

How To Clean Old Coins The Right Way

We will show you how to clean dirty coins here and provide you with general advice on cleaning coins here. Clean coins do look good but we want to start off with a word of warning first.

We do not recommend any coin cleaning of valuable coins. If you believe that you have valuable coins then take them to a coin collector that can assess their value. Cleaning old coins that are valuable can actually significantly reduce their value.

Old coins often develop a thin layer of tarnish on them called “patina”. Many rare coin collectors like to see patina on valuable coins and if you remove this then it may put them off buying the coin or make them offer you a very low price for it.

By all means you can clean old coins but bear in mind that you will not increase the value of 99% of them by making them sparkle. If the coins you have do not have much value then we will show you the best way to clean coins and in particular how to clean old coins.

Never use a Coin Cleaner with Acids or Abrasives

We have all seen those ads on TV where they recommend abrasive cleaning products as the best way to clean a coin. Do not be tempted to use any abrasive or acidic type of cleaner on your coins.

If you use an acidic cleaner to clean a coin then the acid will take away some of the material on the surface of the coin. This will damage the coin and certainly reduce its value even though it will be a lot cleaner and shiny.

Don’t be tempted to use wire brushes or any other abrasive tools when cleaning coins at home either. This is not a safe way to clean coins. Cleaning tarnished coins in this way will definitely cause damage and significantly lower the value of the coin.

Use water to Clean Coins

If you want to know how to clean old coins safely then washing coins with water is the answer. Water will never damage the surface of your coins or reduce their value. How do you clean coins using water? Simply hold the coin by the edges and use distilled water at a lukewarm temperature.

Let the water run over the coin in a gentle stream. Once you have finished with one side turn the coin over and wash the other side. Dry the coin by patting it with a soft cotton towel. This is an easy way to clean coins and it is how to clean old coins without devaluing them.

We are going to show you other methods for cleaning tarnished coins but washing them with water is the best method of cleaning old coins safely. So if you want to know how to clean old coins at home then just use distilled water.

Using tap water is not the best way to clean old coins. This is because tap water usually contains chlorine and this can cause a discoloration of the coins. So we recommend that you clean coins at home with either distilled water or purified water.

How to Clean Coins Safely when water isn’t enough

A popular question is “what cleans coins when water isn’t enough?” In a situation where distilled or purified water was not enough to clean a really encrusted and dirty coin then what to use to clean coins here is a weak soap solution.

Get yourself a large bowl and add some weak liquid soap. After this fill the bowl with lukewarm distilled or purified water. Again you need to grasp each coin by its edges and then use a swirling action in the soapy water. After this rinse the coin in distilled or purified water and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

So how do you clean coins that are really dirty which water has little effect on? Use a very mild soap solution. Never use standard dish detergent on your coins. This is far too abrasive and powerful. Hand soap is a good option as it is usually pretty weak and gentle. Now you know how to clean coins safely if water cannot do the job effectively.

How to Clean Old Copper Coins

Do you want to know how to clean pennies? A lot of people ask us how to clean a penny and there are actually different methods that we recommend depending on how old the pennies are. The older pennies were made of copper so here is how to clean copper coins.

What do you use to clean coins like old copper pennies? Believe it or not you can use tomato ketchup. It is one of those best kept secrets on how to clean coins. It is how to safely clean coins of a bygone era made from copper.

Here is the best way of cleaning copper coins. Add a small amount of tomato ketchup to both sides of the coin. Hold the coin by its edges and then use a clean toothbrush to gently scrub the coin surfaces. A light scrub is all you need here so don’t go crazy.

This is how to clean copper coins in a safe and easy way. It is how to clean tarnished coins made of copper because the vinegar and salt in the tomato ketchup will get rid of the tarnish. Once you have finished cleaning rinse in distilled or purified water and then dry as usual by patting the coin with a soft cloth.

Understand that pennies made prior to 1982 used copper whereas pennies after 1982 contain zinc which you cannot clean using ketchup. So for those pennies prior to 1982 using tomato ketchup is what to clean coins with.

How to Safely Clean Coins made of Silver

What is the best way to clean coins made of silver? Using baking soda is how to properly clean coins made from silver. Start by rinsing with distilled or purified water and then add a small amount of baking soda to each side. You can use your fingers or a clean, soft toothbrush to gently rub the coin.

This is how to clean coins fast that have silver content. Any tarnish and black spots are removed from the coin faces by the baking soda. Once you have completed the cleaning rinse in water again and dry by patting a soft cloth on the coin.

How to Clean Change and How to Clean Dimes using Vinegar

You may have heard about how to clean a coin using vinegar before. Using vinegar is how to clean an old coin in a gentle way. It is also a recommended method for how to clean coins at home.

Just add a cup of vinegar to a bowl or glass. Place the coin into this so that it sinks to the bottom. Allow some time for the vinegar to soak the coin. Then you can remove it by its edges and rinse with water.

Using vinegar is how to polish coins. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that using an abrasive cleaner is how to polish a coin. You can leave really dirty coins soaking in vinegar overnight to get them clean.

So now you know how to clean old coins. You might want to know “how to clean antique coins?’ or “how to clean coins for collecting?” The answer to these two questions is don’t clean coins like this that have value.

How to store your coins after cleaning them

Safely store your coins after cleaning using these coin collectors.

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