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Vehicle Service Log Contents

With a Vehicle Maintenance Log, you'll never lose track of your oil changes or service records again.

The Vehicle Maintenance Log will keep important information protected and easy to reference, so you'll never lose track of your maintenance records, insurance cards, license renewals, or other vehicle documents. A great way to keep it all in one place.

Vehicle Maintenance Log Features

UniKeep's fully enclosed case design to protect records from the elements, organize contents like receipts, notes, manuals, titles and warranties in handy place. The exclusive maintenance spreadsheet is a great place to start -- it allows you to see what service your car had and when, all on one page. Kit includes tab dividers, pockets key holder pages (never again search for spare keys) and business contact pages for those important phone numbers, so you'll be organized and back on the road in no time and in style. Customize your record keeping by adding photos, a diary, and original documentation so you can increase your resale value or to keep the records for your bookshelf.

Like all UniKeep Case Binders, the Vehicle Maintenance Log is made in the USA. This attractive, high-quality case binder is one of dozens of organization kits available from UniKeep. Each is designed to make your life simpler when it comes to storing, organizing, protecting, or showing off. UniKeep cases and Envypak pages represent the best and brightest brands throughout the world for handling and even mailing important messaging.

Unikeep Vehicle Service Log Kit has following features:

  • • Great Gift for those who wish to manage their vehicle records in an organized fashion
  • • Valuable Records Protected with Archival pages and Case enclosed UniKeep design
  • • Cars, Trucks, Motorcycle, Boats, ATV’s and RV’s ….. Perfect record keeper for all.
  • • 8 Tab Dividers, 5 Divider Pockets, 2 Key Holder Pages, 10 Sheet Protectors, and 2 Contact Pages
  • • Content pages include Service, Fuel, Travel Mileage and Expense logs.
  • • Enclosed, Stackable and Durable - a vehicle binder you will LOVE

Snap RingsDurable Poly Rings:
Snap securely through thousands of uses without pinching, crimping or rusting.

Snap RingsStackable:
Fully enclosed case protects everything inside and stores neatly anywhere.

Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
260 - 280 sheets of 20# Bond
8 Tab Dividers, 5 Divider Pockets, 2 Key Holding Pages, 10 Sheet Protectors, 2 Contact Pages

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