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Product Description

This binder has everything you need to organize up to 100 keys with ease.

Our Spare Key Organizer Binder is the perfect inexpensive, space-efficient storage solution for all your spare keys. Losing keys is a major hassle, why have to hunt through drawers, closets, cabinets or even coat pockets, keep every extra key in one handy place neatly on the bookshelf. The configuration is ideal for apartment buildings, offices, and dormitories; just take 100 of your keys and slide them into the especially slit poly pages. Why pay upwards of $75 for a key cabinet when you can organize the same number of keys for a fraction of the price - and in less space, too?

Unikeep Spare Key Organizer Binder Kit has the following features:

  • • Five key holder pages - each rigid poly page snugly holds up to 20 keys, totaling storage space for up to 100 keys.
    • • 100 key tags for Identifying keys
  • • Case Binder is stackable and fits any shelving - store way more keys in way less space
  • • Completely enclosed and durable - snap-locking exterior latch helps keep keys safe inside
  • • Snap-locking rings that won't pinch, misalign, or rust - easily add more pages if necessary
Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
1 pack of 5 key pages holding 20 keys each, 1 bundle of 100 key tags, 1 record page
1 pack of 5 key pages

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