cheap 3 ring binders

Affordable 3 Ring Binders

UniKeep® 3 ring binders are a clear winner for students, professionals, and virtually anyone who needs to get organized. These cheap 3 ring binders are highly affordable and presentable to any audience. The revolutionary patented design keeps everything protected inside, and it's a snap to customize, stack, and store neatly anywhere you need it.

cheap 3 ring binders

Standard features

cheap 3 ring binders

Durable polypropylene rings snap securely
through thousands of uses without
pinching, crimping, or rusting.

cheap 3 ring binders

A fully enclosed case protects
everything inside and stores
neatly anywhere.

100% polypropylene construction
means print won’t stick and
contents are archival-safe.

cheap 3 ring binders

Full wrap overlay offers more space for your message with a
single sheet insert or custom imprinting.

Users can easily and economically customize in-house or utilize commercial printing and imprint options for maximum impact.

 Both styles are available in three standard capacities and eight colors. All are durable for rigorous professional use and economical for storing, filing, presenting, and sharing in home, hobby, and school applications.


Cheap 3 Ring Case Binders

cheap 3 ring binders

UniKeep® Case Binders are great for business, safety, and equipment documentation that needs to remain accessible in busy, dirty, or dangerous environments. The enclosed case is water and dirt-resistant, stores anywhere you need it, and is easily labeled with adhesive labels or markers.

UniKeep® Case Binders have no overlay and offer sleek storage and protection with versatile customization at a lower price.


Cheap 3 Ring View Case Binders

cheap 3 ring binders

View Case Binders tame any office organization monster from collections of business cards to the most complex projects. Easy to customize means documents are easy to store and easy to find. With UniKeep® accessories, you have a complete, flexible and functional system.

UniKeep® View Case Binders feature a full wrap overlay that allows for the largest imprint area or single sheet cover insert in the industry.


Customize your binder

Many additional options are available on a custom basis. Alternative rings or no rings, alternative overlay materials, and imprinting are available with low minimums and short lead times. Binders can be custom molded to match colors. Consult your sales representative about these custom manufacturing options. Create your own binder.

cheap 3 ring binders
cheap 3 ring binders
cheap 3 ring binders

Digitally Printed UniKeep® Case Binders

cheap 3 ring binders

Eye-popping digitally printed UniKeep® Case Binders, your brand will never present better.
We can help your brand stand out when it really matters - at sales presentations, trade shows, and company events.

Only UniKeep® combines the convenience of a fully enclosed case binder with a cover surface that’s perfect for gorgeous digital print-on-demand.

You can’t ignore the growing popularity of the digital printing process. Digital technology addresses visual communication such as cost, color, size, and turn times, and makes it more affordable than ever before.

Whether your order is large or small, UniKeep® can customize to your specifications: your rings, pockets and overlays, unique product housings, and even added compartments.


Custom cover inserts for View Case Binders

View Case Binders can utilize the full wrap overlay to showcase cover inserts that include the front, spine, and back on a single sheet. Cover inserts can be custom printed in larger quantities by any commercial printer. Smaller quantities can be easily printed in-house on any office printer or by short-run commercial print shops. Use your own printer or contact us for pricing based on your supplied files. Templates for covers, including a wide variety of pre-designed covers, are available online.

Bonus tip: Take advantage of quantity discounts by custom imprinting basic information and logos on binder overlays for a standard look, then use easy-to-print individual cover inserts formatted to complement the standard binder for each presentation, project, or meeting!

cheap 3 ring binders

All UniKeep® binders with standard poly rings are 100% recyclable. Photographic Activity Tests (PAT) were conducted by an independent laboratory which confirmed that UniKeep® binders and their overlays can safely store important documents and photos without producing harmful chemical reactions that can damage the documents.

cheap 3 ring binders

Photographic Activity Tests were conducted by an independent laboratory which confirmed that UniKeep® binders and their overlays can safely store important documents and photos without producing a harmful chemical reaction that can damage the documents

The Photographic Activity Test, or PAT, is an international standard test for evaluating display and photograph storage products. This test evaluates interactions between photographs, important documents, other keepsake materials, and the storage containers in which they are housed. The PAT is routinely used to test sleeving materials, photo albums, scrapbooking supplies, and other products coming in contact with photos, as well as other materials. This test can be performed on products both in development as well as products already in use in collections.

UniKeep® is dedicated to producing quality products for the storage of photographs, documents, and other keepsake materials. The PAT is the best indication that materials have been manufactured to U.S. and worldwide standards.

Unfortunately, no collection will last forever. The first step in preservation programs for important materials is the control of temperature and humidity. No type of enclosure can completely protect photographs, documents, or collectibles from high humidity, and high-temperature exposure. However, the PAT will eliminate enclosures associated with a less-than-perfect environment for storage.

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