Football Collection Binder Kit

Football Collection Binder Kit

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Product Description

Football is an integral part of American culture and its legends, past and present, are celebrated heroes. Football cards provide a way to connect with your favorite players and relive the thrill of the game. They’re also fascinating small history lessons on the player’s stats and lesser-known facts. Bubble gum is optional!

Whether you simply collect cards you like or as an investment, preserving your collection is important if you plan to enjoy it for years to come. Keep your collection free from dust, moisture and the elements with the UniKeep Football Card Collection Binder Kit. This unique case-style binder snaps securely closed so your cards don’t fall out. It also includes 10 collector sheet protectors that provide archival-quality storage for 180 of your treasured cards. Additional pages can be added for capacity up to 500 cards.

UniKeep Football Card Collection Binder features:

  • • Holds up to 180 standard-sized sport cards back to back
  • • Archival-safe pages protect cards from the elements, dirt and dust
  • • Completely enclosed 1 ½” binder case snaps closed
  • • Durable poly rings won’t pinch or rust
  • • Made with 100% recyclable polypropylene
Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
1 Binder Kit
180 standard-size sport cards back to back, additional pages can be add for extra capacity.
10 collector sheet protectors

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