Pet Fostering Binder Kit

Pet Fostering Binder Kit

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Pet fostering is a huge responsibility and requires time and dedication. Having your own pet can be fun but before that you need to proof yourself as a potential pet fostering candidate. Let UniKeep be your guide with its amazing pet fostering case binder if you have decided to foster a pet. This binder contains all the necessary information, questions, checklist, and important points you must know in order to foster a pet.

Prepare for the questions you need to ask yourself and also for the ones the pet fostering agency will ask you. Once you submit your application, mark the checklist provided to help you prepare well before you bring your pet home. The high-quality fully-enclosed binder comes with divider tabs to secure documents separately and pocket pages and sheet protectors to add an extra layer to important contracts, photos, and papers. The 3 ring case binder assists you throughout the process with its 10 content pages having complete pet fostering information. So, take it along with you once you apply for the pet fostering process and enjoy the entire experience.

The features that make this binder special are:

  • • Digitally printed simple binder cover.
  • • 10 Content pages having complete pet fostering process info.
  • • 5 Divider tabs to categorize the process.
  • • Pocket pages and sheet protectors for pet fostering documents.
  • • A snap-locking system to secure information.
  • • 3 Poly ring to hold data inside.
  • • 100% Polypropylene made binder with strong construction.
  • • Made in the USA.
Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
260 - 280 sheets of 20# Bond

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