Naturalization Records Binder Kit

Naturalization Records Binder Kit
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Product Description

Need to print out extra content pages for your Naturalization Records Binder Kit?

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UniKeep Naturalization Guide comes with rules you must know to apply for naturalization.

If you are unaware of all the imperative rules of naturalization; you definitely need a UniKeep Naturalization Guide.

Unikeep Naturalization Records Binder Kit: Before filing your appeal for naturalization you need to be aware of certain rules and regulations. Once you have a list of eligibility requirements for citizenship, you can easily apply without fretting about it. UniKeep Naturalization Guide provides you with the right information along with some suggestions to complete the naturalization process. Naturalization Guide has printed content pages that define what documents are required while the page protectors secure your eligibility documents for you. This USA made guide holds reliable information to help know the legal requirements and is spacious enough to add additional important documents to it.

Unikeep Naturalization Records Binder Kit has following features:
• 10 page protectors to secure official papers and credentials
• 5 pocket pages to hold your important sheets
• 8 tab dividers tabs to place documents separately
• Spacious enough to add 280 sheets

Snap RingsDurable Poly Rings:
Snap securely through thousands of uses without pinching, crimping or rusting.

Snap RingsStackable:
Fully enclosed case protects everything inside and stores neatly anywhere.

Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
260 - 280 sheets standard paper
5 clear pocket tabs, 5 clear pocket dividers, 10 poly page protectors, planner contents

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