Empty UniKeep 10 CD/DVD Wallet

Empty Storage Wallet
6.38 x 5.44 x 1.135 inches - Case of 20

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Product Description:

UniKeep™ brand stock cases allow you to easily configure your product package in a snap. Finding the right solution for specific product containment can be a challenging. These versatile storage wallets protect and store keepsakes giving you the flexibility to purchase off the shelf packaging that works with multiple components. With reasonable pricing, we ensure top quality with a wide range of stock sizes that satisfy a number of applications. Fully enclosed case has a full cover overlay that enables you to include a cover sheet.

Outer Dimensions:
6.38 x 5.44 x 1.135 inches
Box Quantity:
1.135 inches
Clear Poly
These are great for replaceing old cases from the library.
We switched to these binders because the plastic doesn't split and crack. We've found them to be a great product.
Great value for the price. As a member of a 3-person multimedia production team, I am always on the lookout for good, affordable and attractive solutions for packaging our productions. We have produced a number of multi-disc products, but have never been truly happy with the packaging we used for them.

As an audio engineer, I have begun working with independent authors to create audio versions of their books. As part of my research into what makes audio books good or bad, I have bought a number of audio books and checked out may more from the local library. As part of my research, I've noticed these products used as the packaging. I am impressed!

The quality of construction is very good, so good in fact, that the library keeps audio books originally packaged in these in the original packaging. Most audio books are re-packaged in VERY expensive custom binders because of the junk they come in. When I asked how long these last in a public check-out environment, I was told they go about 5 years of heavy use before needing to be replaced. My own collections in these are well used and well preserved.

I am proud to put my products into this product.
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