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Color-Coded Comic Book Envelopes - Pack of 30

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Product Description

NEW! Heavy-Duty Color Coded Comic Book Envelopes Holds standard dimension comic book 6-5/8 inches wide by 10-1/4 inches

Whether your thing is Wonder Woman or Iron Man, or if you’re a beginner or experienced collector, every comic book fan should want the best protection for their treasured collection. After all, you’ve spent considerable time and money on this popular, yet delicate, collectible and plan to have it around for a long time.

Keep your collection in great shape with UniKeep comic book envelopes. These resealable envelopes make your storage and organization Superhero. Our stylish, archival-quality envelopes preserve and protect from damage caused by the elements, spills, fingerprints, and handling.

Comic book envelopes feature a taped flap that folds over and seals closed to protect the comic book inside. To reopen, simply lift the flap and voila! It’s easy to once again read, admire and enjoy your collectibles.

UniKeep comic book envelopes are sized to fit so comics won’t slip and slide around inside. Their colored edges provide an additional decorative flair that can also help you organize and categorize your collection.

Through an independent laboratory (PAT) Photographic Activity Tests we have confirmed that the materials EnvyPak uses to manufacture the page protectors can safely store important materials and documents without producing harmful reactions that may damage the contents. Great for presenters, hobbyists and collectors these poly page protectors offer crystal clear protection for all your information materials. Multiple sizes and material thickness are available as well as custom print to add information or company branding to enhance the presentation of these products with your materials.

  • • 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • • Heavy Duty 4.5ml material
  • • Acid-free, archival-quality protection
  • • Seals completely closed and reopen easily
  • • Vibrant colored edges – burnt red, gold, bronze, hunter green – embellish your collection
  • • Made in the USA
Outer Dimensions:
7.50 x 10.75 inches
Inner Dimensions:
7.25 x 10.63 inches
Box Quantity:
1 pack of 30 assorted color coded edge envelopes - 5 each Green, Gray, Red, Gold, Blue, Plum
1 comic book
30 resealable flap comic book envelopes

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