Nursing Binder Kit

Nursing Binder Kit

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Need to print out extra content pages for your Nursing Binder Kit?

A nurse has to stay organized performing his/her day-to-day tasks with hard work and devotion. To help nurses keep an extensive record of their shift hours and patient brain sheets, UniKeep offers a high-quality nursing binder. This digitally printed binder comes with the necessary 5 content sheets a nurse needs to perform daily tasks. It’s an organizer and planner that can hold up to 280 total pages and secures pages no matter where you take the binder.

UniKeep’s nursing binder works as a patient health record book and task organizer. The polypropylene made fully-enclosed binder comes with 8 divider tabs, 10 sheet protectors, and pocket pages to add lab test reports, monitoring details, and doctors’ prescribed medicines for the patient and more. If you’re currently or about to practice this profession, buy a nursing binder to help you remain organized with everything is written and stored in one book. This spacious binder is dust, and debris resistant with durable a snap-locking system for safety and convenience. It’s an ideal gift for nurses!

Nursing binder has the following features:

  • • Digitally printed nursing theme binder.
  • • Ensures the extreme safety of the content.
  • • Includes 5 Content pages.
  • • Capacity to hold 280 pages.
  • • 100% polypropylene material.
  • • Includes sheet protectors, divider tabs, and pocket pages.
  • • A snap-locking system to lock content inside.
  • • Stackable and travel–friendly.
  • • Made in the USA.
Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
260 - 280 sheets standard paper
5 clear pocket tabs, 5 clear pocket dividers, 10 poly page protectors, planner contents

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