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CD/DVD Wallets

Give an extra life to your media collection with uniquely designed durable UniKeep CD/DVD Wallets! Spacious wallets with disc sheets and snap-locking system are incorporated to secure and store your game or any other media collection at home and official data at work. Select wallet size as per need and stack them on shelves, on tables or put inside your bags and briefcases as they give an orderly and neat look to your assorted discs. Supreme wallets for supreme collection!
$12.99 / Pack of 5
6.38 x 5.44 x 0.56 inches, Polypropylene

UniKeep Disc 5 CD/DVD Wallet with 5 Jewlpak Pages

Available in: clear black


$14.99 / Pack of 3
6.38 x 5.44 x 1.135 inches, Polypropylene

UniKeep Disc 10 CD/DVD Wallet with 10 Jewelpak Pages

Available in: clear black


$15.99 / Pack of 3
6.38 x 5.44 x 1.68 inches, Polypropylene

UniKeep Disc 20 CD/DVD Wallet

Available in: clear black


$26.99 / Pack of 3
6.62 x 10.88 x 1.68 inch, Polypropylene

UniKeep 40 Disc CD/DVD Wallet

Available in: black


$19.99 / Box
6.56 x 5.63 x 5.63 inches, Polypropylene

White paperboard slipcase holds five UniKeep Wallets to hold a total of 50 discs with graphic inserts. Full wrap overlays let you easily customize or label the contents with a cover insert.

Available in: clear black