Coin Collector Set - Quarters

Coin Collection Storage Kit - Quarters

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Product Description

Unikeep Coin Collector Set - Quarters Take care of your valuable currency and coins by preserving them in UniKeep's Coin Collector Binder Kit. Never worry about lost or damaged coins again with UniKeep's unique enclosed case binder design and archival-safe sheet protectors. Whether you are collecting pennies & dimes, quarters, nickels, or all four, the clear coin flips stores them securely with paper inserts to label each. You can easily add additional sheets to this functional and durable binder.

UniKeep offers our Coin Collector Refill Packs that come with 10 additional pages, allowing you to add any size coin storage you may need to your collection. The subtle design makes this binder a timeless vault that can be passed down to family or friends for generations. UniKeep's Coin Collector Binder Kit is stackable virtually anywhere keeping your home clutter-free.

Like all UniKeep Case Binders, the Coin Collector Kit is made in the USA. This attractive, high-quality case binder is one of the dozens of organization kits available from UniKeep. Each is designed to make your life simpler when it comes to storing, organizing, protecting, or showing off. UniKeep cases and Envypak pages represent the best and brightest brands throughout the world for handling and even mailing important messaging.

Unikeep Coin Collector Set - Quarters has following the features:
• A safe and efficient solution to storing all of your precious coins
• 10 collector sheet protectors - store 200 coins of your chosen size
• Enclosed, durable case to keep away harmful elements
• Show off your hard-earned collection in our binders 3 different designs
• Durable quality, Archival-safe pages, Memorabilia protected for a lifetime

Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
Box Quantity:
200 Coins

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