Volleyball Binder Kit

Volleyball Binder Kit

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 Volleyball Binder Kit

Keeping track of the volleyball season can be difficult. This organizer will allow you to keep track of the team contacts, schedule, and even scoring details for individual matches. This UniKeep Volleyball Binder Kit with a digitally cover comes with score sheets to allow to score 30 matches. Keep memories of other items by just placing into the included storage pockets.When the season is over, you will have a great reminder of your season - all in one place!

A UniKeep Volleyball Binder Kit is a perfect gift for volleyball players, parents or coaches. Secure your play by play schedule in this dust and debris resistant binder. It is travel-friendly and has the capacity to hold up to 280 other content pages. The 100% polypropylene binder guarantees content safety and style at the same time the design is spacious and offers sturdy construction. Buy it for yourself or gift it to a passionate volleyball player in the family!

UniKeep Volleyball Binder has the following features:

  • • Digitally printed volleyball theme cover.
  • • Includes pages for team roster, contacts, game/practice schedules, and score sheets to allow to score 30 games.
  • • Case is made from 100% polypropylene and is dust and debris resistant because it is a fully enclosed box.
  • • This UniKeep organizer can easily hold additional items such as tournament programs or game notes
  • • Includes tab dividers, pocket pages, and sheet protectors.
  • • Fully-enclosed case/box/binder with a snap-locking system.
  • • Stackable.
  • • Made in the USA.
Outer Dimensions:
11.75 x 10.5 x 1.50 inches
260 - 280 sheets standard paper
5 clear pocket tabs, 5 clear pocket dividers, 10 poly page protectors, planner contents
Box Capacity:

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