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 Bar Mitzvah

If your son’s Bar Mitzvah celebrations are around the corner then you must plan the party in the best possible way. It’s a special day and should be celebrated in a special way. So, preparations must be done months/weeks before the ceremony. To celebrate this special time, UniKeep presents a Bar Mitzvah Binder with 10 content pages to help you organize the occasion.

With this binder, you can keep a record of the venue and photographer you will book and decide the time and budget for the party. The planning checklist will remind you of all the tasks and bookings you planned before that are yet to be done. You can further write down the services, the budget allotted, and money spent details on the budget sheet.

The content pages also include the guest invitation records, shopping list, and decorations, games, and gift ideas. You can never go wrong or make blunders with the Bar Mitzvah binder as it is prepared specially to make your celebrations less hectic and more fun-filled. You can carry it to the shops and places in your bag due to its sleek and strong construction. You can also add extra papers and booking receipts as the binder is capacious enough to carry a bundle of papers.

At the end of the day, you can make a list of gifts and cards received to show gratitude to the givers. So, keep lists and ideas organized for Bar Mitzvah with this UniKeep binder!

Bar Mitzvah Binder is available with:

  • • Digitally printed Bar Mitzvah binder cover.
  • • A poly snap-locking system to keep information secure.
  • • 10 digitally printed content pages for your assistance.
  • • Strong and sleek construction for travel.
  • • Divider tabs, pocket pages, and sheet protectors.
  • • Capacity to hold 260-280 pages.
  • • 100% polypropylene material- Dust, water, and debris resistant.
  • • Made in the USA.
260 - 280 sheets standard paper
Divider Tabs-Set of 8 Tabs, 5 Clear Double Binder Pockets, 10 Photo Sheet Protectors, 5 Page Protectors

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