Vehicle Service Log

  posted by: Kiran Khalil

Make timely vehicle repairs with the Vehicle Service Log kit.

If you need help organizing your car repairs you definitely need a Vehicle Repairs Log Kit

We all have a tendency to forget things like following a regular car maintenance schedule. Can you remember the last time you rotated your tires or changed your oil? Even when you remember to give your car the attention it requires, you often forget all the previous maintenance that has been done and how recently you went for a complete vehicle repair session. The point where you get upset with yourself for forgetting regular maintenance is usually when you're paying a huge bill for a repair that could have easily been prevented. Wouldn't it have just beem easier getting those tire rotations and oil changes done on time? 

The UniKeep Vehicle Service Log is prepared to help you deal with all these vehicle breakdown scenarios. Forget making a long list of  regular vehicle maintenance procedures, and get yourself a Vehicle Service Log Kit.  This kit contains a vehicle maintenance spreadsheet to record your car’s upkeep. You can skim through this spreadsheet to view what’s been done and what still remains. It can also be used to help calculate your expenses. Perhaps now, at the end of the month, you can save some money to spend on yourself rather than on your vehicle!

With this case binder in hand, you can line up tasks that need to be done in the coming months and review old notes. The receipts and manuals related to your vehicle can also be collected and assembled in this case binder – no need to put those receipts in bags or wallets. Instead of losing the receipts we need them the most, this organizer is designed to secure your vehicle documents and warranty papers in one location. No more seraching through drawers and old stacks of papers for a repair bill.

For even more organization, keep vehicle maintenance receipts and documents in the kit's included divider pages. Use the contact pages for recording maintenance shop numbers. This 100% polypropylene made case binder stores easily in your car or in the garage if you want a quick review of repairs and costs.

The UniKeep Vehicle Service Log Binder is a practical and useful kit that stores records of your vehicle service sessions and official documents. This case binder can be your "got to" organizer for vehicle records.  It's easier to schedule and follow your vehicle service schedule the way you should with Vehicle Service Log Binder!


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