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UniKeep Yearbook Committee Organizer Kit

posted by: Kiran Khalil

Everyone wants to remember and cherish the great time spent at school with classmates, friends, and teachers. Looking back at highlighted memories of your school year is always a blissful experience that must be shared with the loved ones later. To preserve every detail and photo of your school year, you must always go for a reliable yearbook that sustains and organizes memories well. For this, there is no better yearbook than the UniKeep Yearbook Committee Organizer Kit as it says for itself “Making This Year’s Memories Count.

The chronicle of school events shape memories and illuminate cherished moments. What could be better than having your important life experiences in one place? There are many who still don’t know the importance of having a school yearbook or all the hard work that goes into creating one. This kit will help you along the way.

  • • Allows you to preserve good memories.
  • • Helps you remember old trends, conversations, stories, and experiences.
  • • Helps you remember friends and fellow committee members.
  • • Works as a great reference.
  • • Becomes a reason to spread smiles while sharing the memories with your future children.

Holding on to some of the dear memories is what we all wish for and UniKeep Yearbook Committee Organizer Kit gives us the chance to do so by offering exclusive printed content pages. It comes with a contact sheet to organize your school contacts, ideas sheets for stories, ladder sheet to add events along with dates, daily assignments sheet to maintain the weekly record, report plan sheet to work systematically on a plan, and a spreadsheet and proof checklist for other tasks and events. These 8 printed sheets are added purposely to make your tasks easy for you.

This fully-enclosed 100% polypropylene binder has many other features along with 8 content pages to secure your school events and moments. With the sheet protectors, pocket pages, and divider tabs, this binder can be your memory gallery of big moments, teachers, and friends. Print and add little smiles, traditions, and physical work to the spacious and stackable binder.


You can carry it to the school without the fear of damaging the papers. This contemporary style binder comes with unique a snap-locking system to keep papers, sheets, and photographs away from debris and liquid. It has been designed and manufacturing according to the needs of students. This amazing kit is made to depict the personality of your class and to secure the rich illustrations you want to keep with you forever.

UniKeep Yearbook Committee Organizer Book is a unique binder that brings people together. It allows you to celebrate your school, your year, and your story in an outstanding way. It is made to enhance your creative and organizational skills that you will remember for the rest of your life. So, purchase this kit today and make this year an unforgettable one!



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